This range of product has been designed for the satellite operators willing to deliver an UHD experience to their customers, with an option for a wireless connection to the Cloud for VOD and OTT content.
Ultra compact UHD receiver with embedded Wi-Fi in a PUCK format to be directly plugged on HDMI input of your TV set.
A perfect product to give access to IPTV or OTT Ultra HD content, with easy wireless connection to the service through Wi-Fi.
A new compact yet powerful cable UHD STB with embedded DOCSIS 3.0 modem, for seamless access to live TV, VOD and OTT Ultra HD contents.
Very powerful Ultra HD receiver, with embedded Wi-Fi ac with 4 antennas for easy wireless reception of UHD contents, and DVB-T tuner for terrestrial TV.
A premium Ultra HD receiver, with embedded powerful Wi-Fi ac 4X4 for impressive wireless video throughput, and integrated microphones and loudspeakers for voice control of TV offer and access to smart speaker services.
DCIW387 UHD is a premium ultra-compact cable UHD receiver, with embedded Wi-Fi ac 4x4 for the cable operators offering a breathtaking Ultra HD experience to their customers.
An extremely powerful Personal Video recorder, with multiple tuners and embedded hard disk of 1 TB (or more), to watch and record contents in Ultra High Definition.
New range of value UHD HDR receivers for cable operators to deliver Ultra High Definition contents, with embedded Wi-Fi.
A premium product to access to IPTV or OTT Ultra HD content, with a powerful Wi-Fi ac 4x4 for seamless reception of 4K contents over Wi-Fi, with optional access to terrestrial TV.