Experience a breathtaking sharp Ultra High Definition image with this last generation digital TV receiver.
DIW384 UHD is equipped with Wi-Fi ac and offers the possibility to watch contents in Ultra High Definition.
Enjoy the power of Wi-Fi ac and the quality of Ultra High Definition contents with the DTIW384 UHD.
With ESIW384 UHD 8 tuners and its powerful Wi-Fi module, watch and record several programmes at the same time and in Ultra High Definition everywhere in the household.
Watch and record contents in Ultra High Definition with the RSTIW384 UHD, a state-of-the-art PVR.
This all-in-one product combining a gateway and a set-top box enables cable operators to bring broadband and Ultra High Definition to the household.
Hybrid cable/terrestrial receiver with powerful Wi-Fi ac and support of Ultra HD contents, that can be connected to either cable or terrestrial networks.