The LTE hybrid gateway range opens a new era of possible services for telco operators by combining the speed of fixed DSL and 4G mobile access. Hybrid LTE/DSL technology makes it possible to aggregate Internet speeds from the fixed and mobile networks and thus increase upload and download speeds for a better consumer experience.

Sagemcom provides two types of hybrid LTE/DSL solution. The first solution operates with the F@st 4360 modem which integrates a LTE module and which is connected in Ethernet to the DSL gateway. In this case, the DSL/LTE stream aggregation can be done either inside the DSL gateway or inside the LTE modem. The second solution is offered by a unique hybrid gateway embedding a mobile module, the speed aggregation being performed inside the gateway.  Both solutions are already deployed on the field.

A/VDSL Bonding & LTE CAT6 Gateway / 4x4 11n @2.4GHz / 4x4 11ac @5GHz
LTE CAT 6 A-Mod Modem
Bonding & LTE / Cat 3 Gateway /2x2 11n @2.4GHz / 4x4 11ac @5GHz