Whole Home Wi-Fi


Sagemcom propose a global solution dedicated to manage distributed Wi-Fi at home.


This solution integrates 4 components:


Sagemcom will propose a full range of Wi-Fi extenders in order to cover market expectation  and operators needs from basic 2.4 Ghz 802.11 n Wi-Fi up to the latest technology multi stream 802.11 ax .


Sagemcom develop and maintain mobile applications for IOS   and Android operation system for  Smartphone and tablets. These mobile applications are dedicated to end users for Whole home Wi-Fi installation, setting and trouble shooting.

  • Sagemcom Branded…
  • Hightlight  Wi-Fi performances
  • Reports troubleshoot
  • Manage groups...
  • Manage gorups... and devices
  • Access control, good friends...
  • Access control, friends and others
  • ... With the help of Smart assistance screens


Sagemcom software suite, Swan™, embedded an application dedicated Wi-Fi and Ethernet management.

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Cloud monitoring & analytics application is operator oriented solution for Sagemcom Whole home distributed Wi-Fi remote control and data science for technicians and network expert.

It provides a real-time access to WHW customer configuration to hotline technician and experts.

  • Customer LAN map
  • Trouble shooting
  • Performing tests
  • Propose architecture evolution for a better Wi-Fi performance.
  • Highlight Wi-Fi perturbation
  • Data computing based on up to 39 days of full operator customer networks data collected.
  • Population management and Survey
  • Statistics
  • Global steering rules managements
  • Export populations files for Hotline management or Sales operation (GDPR dependent)

Sagemcom in partnership with Plume

Sagemcom in partnership with Plume, process an adaptative mesh Wi-Fi solution that auto-configures plugged in sockets around the home.


The solution includes beautiful Pods design top plug directly into socket, one per room. Fully cloud controlled, the Pods, offer coverage, speed and reliability which enhance in real time the Whole Home Wi-Fi user.

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