• The SMARTY SCM controller enables multi-line remote data reading from domestic supply meters

Secure Gateway for Smart Metering Applications

Modular architecture separating the gateway from meter and HAN
Dynamic master-slave architecture; SCM can work stand-alone, as PLC router or as PLC gateway
WAN communication - Built in via PLC or via Ethernet/LAN- Pluggable modules for GPRS- and WiFi communication
Push- or Pull operation
End-to-end TLS encryption (DES, Triple DES, AES algorithms)
Tamper detection
Wired meter communciation (wired M-Bus, RS485, Ethernet interfaces; DLMS/Cosem HLS)
Wireless M-Bus meter interface (868 MHz, OMS)
Remote firmware update
Remote or local configuration and meter provisioning
Switching output
HAN connectivity
Operating status signaled by LEDs


The SMARTY SCM controller from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus enables multi-line remote data reading from domestic supply meters. An SCM controller can work stand-alone, as PLC router or as PLC gateway: As a PLC gateway, it communicates with one or more central locations via GPRS or LAN. As a PLC router, it communicates with a PLC gateway via PLC.

Different meter protocols like DLMS/Cosem or wireless M-Bus are supported by the SCM and provide high flexibility for installations. Other technologies and interfaces, such as ZigBee, are available upon request.

The SMARTY SCM controller satisfied highest security requirements. It uses state-of-the-art technologies including a hardware security module (HSM) and cryptographic algorithms (e.g. end-to-end TLS). All access to the device is based on certificates.
The SMARTY SCM controller can be configured and administered locally or remotely. A local interface enables direct access to measurement values for end customer information.

The SCM controller meets all requirements of large-scale deployments. It is a future-proof communication module which complies with European Smart Metering standardization activities.



Reliable and flexible WAN communication (PLC, LAN, GPRS, WiFi)
Highest security based on proven standards and cryptographic hardware (HSM)
Flexible meter integration, supporting a range of wired and wireless meter inferfaces
Compliant with European standardization for Smart Metering Gateways (M/441)
Easy and automated installation, fully integrated into central processes.
Minimizes time and risk for customer installations


SCM controller
DSL modem or DSL router (for WAN communication via DSL)
GPRS module, Antenna and SIM card (for WAN communication via GPRS)
WiFi module, Antenna (for WAN communication via WiFi) (lien vers page accessoires)


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