• The ZDUE-DC-MUC enables multi-line wireless remote data reading of domestic supply meters via GPRS

Power line data concentrator for meter reading transmission via GPRS

Data concentrator for up to 300 MUC controller via PLC (Renesas DCSK), AES-encrytion
WAN-communication via GPRS or connection on a DSL-Router, TCP/IP based
Interface for wireless M-Bus and EDL21meter (optional)
Software platform of Linux Base
Remote firmware update
Time server function
Operating status signaling via LED
Mounts on top hat rail in installation cabinet


The ZDUE-DC-MUC from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH enables multi-line wireless remote data reading of domestic supply meters via GPRS. The various consumption values for electricity, gas, water and heat are connected locally in the ZDUE-PLC-MUC and automatically transmitted via PLC to the ZDUE-DC-MUC (data concentrator). This bundles the communication for multiple ZDUE-DC-MUCs to one or more headquarters.
The establishment or restoration of communication takes place entirely independently. The device is configured by the headquarters.
The ZDUE-DC-MUC is designed for the requirements of a large-area installation. Only the cable connections have to be created for the local installation.
The ZDUE-DC-MUC is state-of-the-art in the field of automatic measurement data recording for private customers via open networks.



Standardisation and future prove of investment. Compliant with:

  • MUC performance specs (FNN)
  • IPT Protocol (E-DIN 43863-4)
  • SML specifications
  • OMS wireless M-Bus

Complied challenges of the EnWG §40
Maximum safety and data protection
Flexible integration of meters (Power, Gas, Water, Heat)
Efficient coverage of households in the centre of area
Approved and scaleable solution with infrastructure for IP-Telemetry
Easy installation
Not subject to legislation on calibration


Meter: vide meter list
Software: TAINY SwitchingCenter


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