• iClient - Web applications for commercial customers

Basically, the iClient application provides energy data on the Internet/Intranet and thus becomes the perfect extension for our universal platform for meter data reading.
Whoever you need to supply with data - customers or internal/external employees - our Internet module delivers data at any time and up-to-date. The big advantage of the iClient is obvious: you can request urgent data from any place and at any time, without any longer being bound to your workstation or company network. In addition, your customers will profit by the iClient by reading their consumption data independently, up-to-date and whenever they want. In turn, this means a great deal of work relief for your support department.
The iClient is a system-independent Internet component in order to present energy data comfortably and for easy download with a standard browser.

The iClient features at a glance:

  • Multilingualism
  • Messages: Important information, e.g. about new tariff models or special conditions, is sent to the users
  • Multi-user ability: Unlimited concurrent access of users
  • Easy administration: Basic settings can be done by the administrator directly on the user interface
  • Print and download: Quick and easy provision of data for third parties
  • Statistics: Overview of customer data like logins
  • Up-to-date help: Quick help with complex questions


Go test the iClient today and see for yourself! Just request your user data for your personal test access:
iClient Testaccount (ssl secured)
After successful registration your user name and password will be sent - get started!