• Compact volume converter with built-in modem for hazardous area installation


Digital inputs and outputs :

2 inputs completely configurable as:

- LF count (max 5Hz);

- binary input, tamper;

- LF, reed contact.

2 Outputs :

- impulsive output (Vb) with programmable pulses weight;

- alarms binary output;



Approved in accordance with the European Metrological standard EN 12405-01

Approved in accordance with Directive 2014/32/UE (MI-002) 26/02/2014

Module B Nr. T10473 issued by NMI for CE type approval

Module D Nr. CE-139 issued by NMI for the CE quality system approval

ATEX TÜV IT 12 ATEX 027approval for installation in hazardous areas (Module B)

Certificate nr. DNV 13 ATEX 3724Q issued by DNV to notify that the Production Quality Management System complies with attachment IV to the ATEX Directive (Module D)

Classification (in accordance with EN 60079-0, EN-60079-11)

II 2(1)G Ex ib [Ex ia Ga] T3

IIB T3 Gb -25 ≤ T amb ≤ 70°C

Optional accessories

Atex optical probe available both in USB and RS 232 version).


ECOR4 is a volume converter from CPL CONCORDIA, MID and ATEX approved, in accordance with the requirements of EN 12405 and Italian UNI TS 11291 standard with built-in modem for hazardous area installation. ECOR4 performs the conversion of natural gas volume from operating conditions to reference conditions (such as PTZ, PT, TZ or T), acquiring pulses from the volumetric meter and measuring the gas temperature and pressure via special external sensors. As standard equipment the device has two digital outputs to repeat the converted volumes and to signal alarms. Data Integrity is guaranteed by means of metrological seals and password-protected access. ECOR4 is battery powered.