Hearing is believing with the new Sagemcom DECT range





Sagemcom is launching newdigital cordless phones with excellent audio quality.

In today’s market place consumers have become accustomed to the mobility of cordless telephones but frequently they have to sacrifice the quality of the audio performance. Not any more, with the Sagemcom D380 products the quality of the audio is first class. These new models are available as DECT handsets or DECT with Answering Machine and as you would expect they look great with an elegant and stylish design.

Sagemcom have developed High Quality Sound technology for the D380 models and invite users to rediscover the pleasure of telephony by reproducing the voice in a perfectly natural way. The D380s are fitted with high-fidelity earpieces and their acoustic design makes it possible to achieve sound results just like a real face-to-face conversation. Regardless of the user's hearing abilities, the D380 range perfectly reproduces the other person's voice. It automatically corrects defects due to the environment or the line's length, by amplifying the low frequencies and by accentuating the clarity of the high frequencies.

The D380A base includes a screen specially designed to make the answering machine easy to use: 2 buttons enable its functions to be managed and a display shows the number of messages received. The D380 and D380A are telephones that sound great, look great and are easy to use. High tech audio and modern design will delight all our customers.

Recommended retail price:
  - D380: €34.90 inclusive of VAT
  - D380A: €49.90 inclusive of VAT

About Sagemcom
French high-technology group with an international dimension, Sagemcom operates on markets of broadband (digital home, digital set-top box, broadband and residential terminals), telecom and energy (M2M, telecommunications infrastructure, smartgrid and metering), and management of documents (printing terminals, software and solutions, digital production workflow).
With a turnover of about 1.5 billion Euros, Sagemcom employs 6 000 people on five continents; already a European leader in most of its key markets, Sagemcom aims to become a world leader in high added value communicating terminals.
Sagemcom is strongly committed to sustainable development through the life cycle of its products: eco-design, energy consumption, ethical code of all its suppliers.
For more information: www.sagemcom.com

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