Sagemcom, at the forefront of best-inclass certified G3-PLC alliance products for smart metering solutions.




Sagemcom, an emea leader in orthogonal frequencydivision multiplexing (OFDM) technology for smart metering and energy management solutions to showcase its latest G3-PLC single and three phase products certified by G3-PLC alliance according to ITU G.9903 specification.

Sagemcom’s products obtained Cenelec A G3-PLC technology certification in cooperation with the Laboratoire des Applications Numériques (LAN) which is selected by G3-PLC alliance to operate certification program as a third-party testing laboratory.

The G3-PLC product test and certification program covers conformance to verify that G3- PLC communication processor implementation complies with the specification fully .In addition, verifying the entire product performance which must comply with performance requirements as well as its evaluation against the LAN laboratory’s independent tester unit.
Finally, 1-to-1 interoperability testing is the verification of device physical layer (PHY) interoperability against a group of reference devices. Beyond achieving G3-PLC alliance certification, Sagemcom has invested a great deal of time and effort to validate end to end solution performance in its own laboratory with G3-PLC data concentrator (DC) and several hundred G3-PLC meters from various chip suppliers and system integrators. The result shows a significant time reduction in reading the meters load profile and improving the connection rate above the market acceptance.

“We are pleased to see Sagemcom introduction of G3-PLC specification in partnership with Electricite Reseau Distribution France (ERDF) and Maxim in 2010 is adapted as a worldwide open standard with robust and strong certification program in France and Japan” says Kaveh Razazian , CTO Energy and Telecom at Sagemcom, “Certified and interoperable G3-PLC products have fulfilled the utility needs for a solution that is standardbased and interoperable to protect their large investment to build fast, reliable and intelligent networks.”

Today Sagemcom certified G3-PLC products offer to the Distribution Service Operators and the Retail Service Operators in their journey to make their networks and operations secure, smarter, reliable, interoperable and to facilitate the integration of new services and equipment bridging from an AMI solution to a smart grid solution with confidence.


About Sagemcom
A French high-tech group of international dimensions, Sagemcom operates on the broadband (digital home, set-top boxes, Internet routers, telephony and multimedia terminals), smart city (smart meter, smart grid, smart site, smart infra, smart services) and Internet of Things (founding member of LoRa Alliance) markets.
With a revenue of around 1.3 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 4,200 people on five continents. Sagemcom aims to stay a world leader in communicating terminals with high added value. // //


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