Sagemcom is offering a complete End-to-End solution supports both Cenelec a (european) and FCC (North America) G3-PLC protocol in a single product





Sagemcom is the global leader in providing end-to-end solution for Smart Grid and Smart City, will showcase its latest G3-PLC certified T210 CEN-A/FCC three phase electricity meter supports both Cenelec A (European) and FCC (North America) G3-PLC protocol in a single electricity meter at the European Utility Week 2016, Barcelona, 15-17 November 2016. Along with T210 CEN-A/FCC, Sagemcom will also be introducing Data Concentrator (DC) and Smart Data Gateway (SDG) XP6000 series which is supporting both Cenelec A (European) and FCC (North America) G3-PLC protocol will be becoming the gold standard for PLC connectivity.

T210 CEN-A/FCC builds on the performance improvement offers a unique ability to switch into the various G3-PLC band plans to enhance power line communication link or meet regional regulatory directive. Foreseeing the need for consumer to monitor real-time energy consumption through In-Home Display (IHD) or becoming a bridge to collect and transport data to central office from Water and Gas meters, T210 CEN- A/FCC equipped with M-bus RF and M-bus wired technology as well developed on the OMS standard basis.

End to End Security is the key component for empowering high speed digital intelligence to the AMI and smart grid network. T210 CEN-A/FCC and DC/SDG XP6000 offers confidentiality, authenticity and integrity required to manage AMI and smart grid network. At application layer, This product line; adapts the green book 8 DLMS-COSEM security suites 0, 1, 2 and policies which can be selected according to the project needs.

“We are pleased to see Sagemcom’s innovation raises the bar for the entire industry in architecting the future smart grid with greater integration, removing regional regulatory boundaries and new operational efficiencies.” says Kaveh Razazian , CTO Energy and Telecom at Sagemcom, "This is an exciting time in energy distribution market where flexible and scalable solution at much lower total cost of ownership has been unlocked by not just implementing an open-standard, but by developing multiband, multimode AMI devices that can support open-standard solutions."

G3-PLC is a power line communication provides robust reliable and high speed data communication method over conventional AC power line has opened a wide range of applications for utilities. Today Sagemcom certified G3-PLC products, Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G) and RF long range (LoRa) offer to the Distribution Service Operators and the Retail Service Operators in their journey to make their networks and operations secure, smarter, reliable, interoperable and to facilitate the integration of new services and equipment bridging from an Smart Grid solution to a Smart City solution with confidence.

About Sagemcom

A French high-tech group of international dimensions, Sagemcom operates on the broadband (digital home, set-top boxes, Internet gateways, telephony and multimedia terminals), smart city (smart meter, smart grid, smart site, smart infra, smart services) and Internet of Things (founding member of LoRa Alliance) markets.
With a revenue of 1.2 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 4,200 people on five continents. Sagemcom aims to stay a world leader in communicating terminals with high added value.

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