The Connected home: Sagemcom presents the ‘Intwo Box’



Sagemcom completes its range of solutions dedicated to the connected home with this Home Box connected to the internet.

Sagemcom announces the availability of the ‘InTwo Box’ across its various distribution networks. With this offer, Sagemcom expands its portfolio of products targeting the general public and confirms its positioning on the communicating objects market for the connected home.

"Sagemcom, recognised for its R&D expertise in high-speed services, telecommunications and retail, constantly aims to launch new products with added value on the market, bringing tangible user benefits, which can rapidly be detected by consumers. We are convinced that the connected home is a promising market for the future. The arrival of the ‘InTwo Box’ in our catalogue is part of this process", specified Nicolas Denis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Sagemcom Documents.
Developed in partnership with Myxyty, an innovative SME specialised in engineering and home control solutions, the ‘InTwo Box’ is based on a secure Internet connection and wireless sensors fitted at key locations in the home. The 'InTwo Box' can be used to activate or de-activate the different appliances installed in the home of the users via a computer, smartphone or touch screen tablet: shutters, gates, lights, audiovisual devices, alarm and video surveillance systems, etc.


This smart home box also includes control interfaces, enabling users to view the history of activity in the home, manage alerts or create remote-controlled operating scenarios: comfort, assistance, energy and security.



Day-to-day gestures are now much simpler, or even automatic, meeting customer expectations in terms of:

- Home security:
The Sagemcom box can connect to video surveillance and intrusion alert/detection systems. In this way, if an abnormal movement is detected, the ‘InTwo Box’ will automatically activate the home supervision systems (camera and alarm) and alert the owners by text message, e-mail, etc. depending on the configuration set by the user. If an actual intrusion is detected, the ‘InTwo Box’ will start video surveillance and record sequences, which can be viewed remotely from any terminal, either live or at a later date, according to the applicable regulations.

- Comfort:
Many scenarios can be programmed in order to simplify the lives of users, such as automatically turning lights on when the entrance door opens.

- Controlling energy consumption:
The ‘InTwo Box’ controls electrical equipment in order to optimise management of home energy consumption. On this basis, selected electrical appliances can be turned on or off depending on the home timing scenarios defined by the owner.

- Assistance:
The ‘InTwo Box’ represents an alternative form of assistance for the elderly or disabled, for example. In fact, a text message alert is sent to family and friends if the emergency button is activated or the Box fails to detect the presence of the person benefiting from assistance in the home.

The ‘InTwo Box’ is easy to both install and upgrade thanks to its many accessories and
auto-pairing system. A true multi-purpose box, the 'InTwo Box' can be used to control the
entire house from your fingertips, providing security and peace of mind. There can be no
doubt that the ‘InTwo Box’ will satisfy all customers and meet their expectations.

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About Sagemcom
A French high-tech group of international dimensions, Sagemcom operates on the broadband (digital home, set-top boxes, Internet routers, telephony and multimedia terminals), telecoms and energy (smartgrid and energy management) and retail markets.
With a revenue of around 1.2 billion euros, Sagemcom, whose head office is located in Rueil-Malmaison, employs 4,200 people on five continents; currently a European leader on most of its key markets, Sagemcom aims to become a world leader in communicating terminals with high added value.

About Myxyty
automation with solutions connected to the Internet and smart accessories. The innovative products and services are specifically designed to offer greater security and comfort experience to the users. Myxyty has been a pioneer in the connected home sector since 2008 and partners with M2M Solution for the R&D. The designed products are simple and intuitive; they are connected to the internet allowing the management of the entire home remotely via Smartphone, computer or touch screen tablets.


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