• Natural gas Smart Meter with remote communication module

The Siconia® EF4 EVO+ meter is a volumetric measuring instrument for H ,L, E families of gas, using diaphragm system for residential use. It is designed and built according to the highest standards, in compliance with the EN1359 norm and the MID directive. Measurement precision and accuracy is guaranteed by the production and control process, and by an automated calibration system, which is used at the internal Metrological Laboratory upon 100% of the meters manufactured.

The quality of the plastic and metal components makes the meters highly sensitive, even with a minimal gas flow, and ensures excellent performance over time.

The Siconia® EF4 EVO+ has an integrated electronic module with the following features and functions :
- LCD display with multilevel menu
- logging of consumption values
- remote transmission of the readings (compensated by temperature)
- remote control valve for gas flow management.

The pressure difference between the meter's intake and outlet results in the cyclic filling and emptying of the measuring chamber via the alternating movement of the deformable membrane.

The motion is converted into electrical pulse signals via the kinematic measuring system, which consists of spool valves with a connecting rod/crank coupling, and an electronic transducer module. These signals are then transmitted to the metrology card.

The temperature sensor for volume correction is installed on the transducer module, and is equipped with an effective fraud detection system.

Data communication
• DLMS RF communication 169MHz (point-to-multipoint)
• OMS RF communication 868MHz (short-range)
• LoRA RF communication 868MHz (long-range)*
• GPRS communication (point-to-point)
• NB-IoT communication (point-to-point)
• Local communication via ZVEI infrared optical port, in accordance with EN 62056-21

• Membrane in synthetic material
• Casing available in galvanized sheet steel with polyester paint
• The meter with a galvanised steel casing guarantees excellent protection against corrosion, and is resistant to high temperatures, in accordance with the EN1359:2017 standard
• The meter is designed for installation in "H3" outdoor environments, in accordance with the EN1359: 1998/A1:2006 standard
• Class 1.5 High stability of measurement
• Low noise and pressure absorption
• Equipped with a secured mechanical check valve device
• Alphanumeric LCD display with two lines of 16 characters
• Integrated tamper and electromagnetic interference protection
• User button for data reading
• Internal valve reset button
• Local communication via ZVEI infrared optical port, in accordance with EN 62056-21
• ATEX Zone 2-II 3G Ex ic IIA T3 Gc (- 25°C ≤Tamb ≤ + 55°C)
• Metallic casing colour: RAL 9002 standard colours (other colours available upon request)
• Point to Point cellular communication : GSM/GPRS, 3G, NB1
• Point to Multipoint RF communication : WmBUS 169MHz
• Local link RF communication : WmBUS 868MHz
• DLMS protocol
• UNI TS 11291, AEEG resolution 155/08
• OMS Primary Communication V4.1.2