Utilities over the world are facing increasing number of challenges such as the need to manage evermore dynamic customer loads, Electric Vehicle growth and distributed renewable energy integration. 

These trends lead utilities to implement automation of key operational and business processes in order to optimize their operations and performance. Sagemcom works together with its utility customers to deliver and operate Smart Metering, Smart Energy Infrastructure and Smart Grid Solutions. 

Based on Sagemcom’s experience in delivering End to End solutions from Field Equipment to Software Solutions and Backend Systems integrations, Sagemcom delivers value to its customers thanks to its state of the art product lines which rely 100% on Open Communication Standards, Latest Security Protocols and Market available technologies.

Sagemcom’s software suite: Siconia® is a unified Smart Grid platform designed in order to support Utilities Business Process for Multi-Energy Smart Metering (Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat) and Distribution Network Supervision.




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