Fibre Gateways

The high bandwidth consumption of new content such as 4K and OTT video services associated with multi-screen and multi-user uses has significantly increased the need for broadband at home. On the other hand, the emergence of Internet of Things services is creating new uses and a constant increase in the number of objects to connect at home.  Sagemcom offers its range of PON optical fibre multimedia gateways to support operators in this evolution.
To supports service providers in next ultra-fast broadband deployments, Sagemcom provides a powerful solution to offer up to end-to-end 10 gigabit speed. Its next generation fibre media gateway is delivering symmetrical 10Gbps routed performance. For a whole home distribution, it implements the latest 802.11ax technology and it integrates as well a 10Gbps copper LAN interface. Moreover, this new PON Gateway will benefit directly from Sagemcom successful interoperability GPON experience.
The fibre optic gateways range also includes 2.5 Gbps GPON gateways adopted by many operators and benefits already a great deal of experience on the field.