Sagemcom launches the Video Soundbox™ range, a new product line developed to meet ever-growing demand of customers for next-generation boxes aggregating immersive entertainment with voice commands and smart assistant services.

Developed in collaboration with the service operators, this innovative product is an extremely powerful Set-top box that delivers very high-quality picture and Sound, and that also associates a voice assistant to control the video and audio entertainment experience with voice, and integrated loudspeakers.

The product is ready for 4K HDR and Dolby Vision, delivering a highly contrasted, detailed picture with vivid colors. For the sound, Dolby Atmos compatibility allows a “movie theater” sound at home.

Integrated voice assistant allows to control the set-top box with the voice. Without any remote control, channel change, pause a program to play it later, search a content for replay, launch video streaming apps… is carried out instantaneously.

Last but not least, with its embedded microphones and loudspeakers, the product is also a real smart speaker, and gives access to thousands of services proposed today by various platforms, such as playing music from the Cloud, getting breaking news or more.