Smart measuring devices for gas and drinking water

  • New generation of ultrasonic gas meters
  • New generation of ultrasonic water meters
  • Available with various integrated communication technologies including wM-Bus, LoRaWAN and NBIoT

Key Features

Siconia® ES4-EVO-MP 868 and ES6-EVO-MP 868

The Siconia® ES4-EVO-MP 868 and ES6-EVO-MP 868 are ultrasonic gas meters for gas families H, L, E. Designed for use in residential applications, they have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards. They comply with EN 14236, EN 16314 and the MID directive.
The quality of the plastic and metal components makes the meters highly sensitive even with minimal gas flow and ensures excellent long-term performance. Measurement accuracy and precision are guaranteed by the production and control process as well as an automatic calibration system, which is used in the in-house metrology laboratory for 100% of the meters manufactured. A high-precision ultrasonic sensor, which is integrated into the electronics of the meter, ensures long-term accuracy and reliability of the measured values.
ES4-EVO-MP 868 and ES6-EVO-MP 868 have an integrated electronic module with the following features and functions.

Features and functions:

  • Dot-matrix LCD display with multi-level menu and high refresh rate
  • Logging of consumption values in Vc and Vb
  • Remote transmission of measured values
  • Remote control of the valve to control the gas flow
  • Remote firmware update (both legally and non-legally relevant firmware)
  • Credit display (managed by Siconia® Suite)

The integrated valve is located at the outlet of the meter and inside the housing. It can be remotely controlled for both closing and reopening (in this case after remote release and activation on site). The use of a globe valve eliminates the possibility of additional pressure loss. The ES4-EVO-MP 868 and the ES6-EVO-MP 868 can be connected to the Siconia® Smart Gas Metering solution offered by Sagemcom, among others.
Solution offered by Sagemcom with a central head-end system meter data management system via a suitable gateway.


Siconia® technology offers a wide range of intelligent ultrasonic water meters for controlling, monitoring and managing water consumption in residential and industrial areas.

  • Second generation ultrasonic water meters
  • Low maintenance thanks to free-pipe technology
  • Compact device with integrated communication module
  • Battery life of up to 18 years
  • Edge computing


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