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Rueil Malmaison, July 15th, 2021

Sagemcom announces its latest innovation, the Video Soundbox: an all-in-one compact product, developed with best-in-class partners, in order to offer the best of video, audio, OTT and voice recognition-based services to end users.

The Video Soundbox is a product for service operators. It has been developed with Dolby to become the first certified Dolby Atmos video / audio hub, delivering an immersive sound for all types of contents.

Crafted and tuned by the world-renowned acoustic experts at Bang & Olufsen, Sagemcom Video Soundbox is equipped with a bespoke audio solution, the resulting sound is both natural and authentic, and the listening experience is as the artist originally intended it to be. With “Audio by Bang & Olufsen”, the Video Soundbox makes you feel what you’re hearing.

The great sound quality of the device is combined with its ability to access to best video and music contents, to grant the users a seamless access to a premium entertainment experience.

Thanks to optimal microphone implementation and performing noise cancellation system, the Video Soundbox offers accurate voice recognition that brings user-friendly far field voice control to access all contents:

  • Premium 4K videos through linear channels and integrated streaming VOD services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many others.
  • Premium music with access to Spotify and Amazon Music, and more to come
  • Integrated Voice Assistant, such as Amazon Alexa, to access news and traffic information, get sport results, book a trip and much more... with feedback on your TV set

The product includes Wi-Fi 6 technology to offer the best wireless connection with latest generation gateways including for 4K video streams.

After being the first manufacturer to integrate 4K technology, Sagemcom demonstrate with the Video Soundbox its ability to offer the latest technological breakthroughs to the telecom operators, enabling them to create a value proposition based on video service.

The Video Soundbox allows to combine all services expected today by consumers in an all-in-one compact product, thanks to latest video, sound and voice services innovations developed with best-in-class partners. We are proud to launch the Video Soundbox, with first deployments this summer.”, said Olivier Taravel, Senior Executive Vice President, Audio Video Solutions Business Unit, Sagemcom.

logo sagemcom

Rueil Malmaison, le 5 juin 2021


Sagemcom s’est engagé auprès de la Science Base Target Initiative (SBTi) à fixer des objectifs de réduction des émissions carbone à horizon 2030, basés sur des données objectives, et sur l’approche scientifique proposée par la SBTi.

Depuis de nombreuses années, le groupe Sagemcom inscrit les problématiques sociétales et environnementales au cœur de sa stratégie de développement. Cet engagement se place donc dans la continuité de ses actions, rendues publiques chaque année par le Groupe à travers un rapport RSE disponible sur son site web (www.sagemcom.com).

Fort notamment de sa stratégie d’écoconception et de son système de management environnemental en place sur ses principaux sites opérationnels, le Groupe s’engage désormais auprès de la SBTi à réduire à la fois son empreinte carbone pour les activités liées aux sites (« scopes 1 et 2 » de la SBTI), mais également sur ses produits et services (« scope 3 »).

Cet engagement du groupe Sagemcom s’inscrit ainsi dans les objectifs définis par l’Accord de Paris, qui consistent à contenir la hausse des températures mondiales bien en deçà de 2°C par rapport aux niveaux préindustriels, et à poursuivre les efforts pour limiter le réchauffement climatique à 1,5°C.

« La phase de croissance exceptionnelle qu’a connu notre Groupe ces dernières années nous amène à nous engager encore plus fortement sur les problématiques environnementales et sociétales. Nous avons donc décidé d’inscrire cet engagement dans le cadre proposé par la STBi, le basant ainsi sur des objectifs précis et faisant référence. C’est un acte fort de Sagemcom en faveur de la réduction de notre impact sur le changement climatique, en phase avec les engagements quotidiens de nos équipes à travers le monde », précise Patrick SEVIAN, CEO du groupe Sagemcom.


Rueil Malmaison, July 12th, 2021


Sagemcom announces the launch of its new IP/DVB-T2 Ultra HD Set-top Box, based on the BCM72180, a 24k DMIPS quad core SoC from Broadcom, with embedded Wi-Fi 6 and support of AV1 decoding, for TIM.

The device gives access to the complete entertainment service offer from TIM, with TIMVISION, TIMMUSIC, TIMGAMES and Dazn, as well as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and much more...

The product includes a DVB-T2 tuner for connection to an aerial to receive Digital Terrestrial Television, for free-to-air channels and Nagravision encrypted programs.

Thanks to its powerful embedded Wi-Fi 6, all IP content can be received over Wi-Fi by the unit, thus allowing a free placement within the household, without any wired connection to the Internet box. The Bluetooth remote control with embedded microphones allows the subscriber to perform voice search to access the contents.

« This new Set-top Box demonstrates Sagemcom’s ability to combine latest technologies to offer comprehensive powerful products to its customers and reinforces the Android TV STB footprint of the company. We are proud to launch such a groundbreaking set-top box with TIM, leveraging Sagemcom in-house industrial set-up », said Olivier Taravel, Senior Executive Vice President, Audio Video Solutions Business Unit, Sagemcom.

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Rueil-Malmaison, September 21th 2020

In September, ELLEVIO will continue to improve the Swedish electricity system by being one the first Nordic DSO to start its 2nd generation smart meters large scale rollout. This massive rollout is the result of joint achievements between ELLEVIO, Sagemcom and its local Partner, ONE Nordic.

Since the award in March 2019, Sagemcomhas developed and delivered a new generation of S211 single phase meters and T211 polyphase meters which allow ELLEVIO to take up the new energy landscape and customer care. The advanced deep indoor dual cellular technology LTE NB IoT + LTE Cat-M is used to secure the reliability of the solution.

In less than 8 months and within a specific context, Sagemcomhas developed and certified the new generation of smart meters which are installed in the field by ONE Nordic since June 2020 in Stockholm area. The new key features have already been deployed offering a combination of end-user experience - through a customer local interface (P1 Port) - and Low- Voltage network management; with alarms delivery including ‘Last gasp’ messages sent in case of power outage, neutral fault detection, harmonic distortion, remote on-demand operations, etc… Such metering capabilities represent the drivers of future grid monitoring to provide end-customers service at its best. As of today, the first return of experience has reached very impressive results with a connectivity service level above 99% allowing to kick off the start of the large scale roll out starting September 2020 in all the region where Ellevio operates as network owner.

Furthermore, the evolutivity of the solution is guaranteed by field proven mass firmware update campaign possibility to ensure that today’s end-to-end solution will comply with tomorrow’s requirements. In this manner, the long-term Partnership with ELLEVIO, ONE Nordic and Sagemcomcontributes to the future sustainable energy ecosystems.

“The strong and transparent partnership between Ellevio, Sagemcom and ONE Nordic has resulted in the completion of a very successful full scale pilot, deploying the solution and metering equipment for our customers in the field, hence, Ellevio’s program for the next generation of smart metering now proceeds with the mass rollout of this new technology. We are simultaneously taking very important steps towards the much needed energy transition. The introduction of smart metering is a fundamental component in the smart grid, which is necessary to increase and enable the electrification of our societies and to provide enhanced energy insight to our customers”, said Johan Löwemo, Head of the Program at Ellevio.

This ambitious project strengthens Sagemcom European leadership in Smart Metering solutions and its capacity to fulfil on its customers’ objectives.

About Ellevio: Ellevio is one of the largest distribution network operators In Sweden. Ellevio invests in, develops and maintains the company’s power grids in order to ensure a reliable electricity supply to more than 960,000 customers. Ellevio is currently deploying its 2nd generation smart meters from 2020 to 2023. The company is headquartered in Stockholm.
Website: https://www.ellevio.se/en/English/

About ONE Nordic: ONE Nordic is one of the leading suppliers of technical services, maintenance services and contracting services in Sweden. We help energy producers, energy suppliers and energy users to build, maintain, modernize and optimize their facilities. It composed a group of companies with a turnover of approximately SEK 2 billion and about 1000 employees, which headquarters are located in Malmö.
Website: www.one-nordic.se/

Sagemcom Dr Neuhaus

Hamburg, 27. April 2020

The smart meter gateway (smgw) siconia® smarty iq from sagemcom dr. neuhaus receives further revision of the type examination certificate from the physikalisch-technische bundesanstalt (ptb). three other gwa systems have been confirmed to have a high level of interoperability.

The SMGW Siconia® SMARTY IQ, which was already BSI-certified on September 25, 2019, meets all legal, measurement and custody transfer requirements for the use of intelligent measurement systems in accordance with the type examination certificate according to Module B.

The following GWA systems have now been added to the type examination certificate:

  • "Robotron - GWA Manager"
  • "Discovergy - GWA"
  • "Tremondi - SMGA.SUiTE".

Now those users of the GWA systems mentioned above can use Sagemcom Dr. Neuaus Smart Meter Gateways. For the recently announced rollout of the intelligent metering systems in Germany.

"The first active PKI devices can now be delivered to our customers just in time for the revision," said Dirk Engel(product management) and Holger Graetz (sales & marketing) and look hopefully at other GWA systems that will follow.

The device firmware has remained unchanged for the revision of this certificate. The interoperability of the aforementioned GWA systems was examined as part of the test procedure in accordance with PTB requirements 50.8. It was successfully proven that the tariff use cases TAF 1, TAF 2, TAF 6 and TAF 7 can be configured into the Siconia® SMARTY IQ with each individual system.

The tariff use cases of the gateway enable the metering operator to offer end consumers highly variable and personalized electricity tariffs. In addition, for example, the connection of a communication adapter to the SMGw and the functionality of the device was validated with the customer display software TRuDI according to PTB-A 50.8. With the TRuDI software, end consumers can in future carry out an invoice verification via the connected SMGw.

Further information includeing full list of interoperable GWA systems for Siconia® SMARTY IQ:


Paragon software

FREIBURG, Germany – March 18, 2020

Built to handle the demands of modern digital media, paragon’s one-stop licensed exfat driver enables seamless cross-platform communication.


Paragon’s exFAT technology is the industry’s top solution for embedded original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with Linux-based products. In 2018, Microsoft authorized the industry leader Paragon Software Group to provide a licensed one-stop exFAT technology solution for implementation into OEM devices. The proprietary exFAT technology is provided with full technical support and can be customized to any specific requirements.

“We are pleased to partner with Sagemcom Broadband to empower end-users with full access to exFAT formatted data from Linux systems,” said Konstantin Komarov, CEO of Paragon Software Group. “Paragon is known for reliability and quality, and through its OEM reach, it is leading the way for greater interoperability. exFAT is the ideal system to integrate into routers and to provide streamlined file transfers, enabling a more powerful customer experience. The alliance with Sagemcom marks an important milestone in our business and underscores our position as a leader in the file system and storage market.”

Paragon develops embedded drivers that support exFAT under all popular operating systems, including Android, Linux, QNX and others. OEMs use Paragon technology to support SDXC cards formatted to exFAT across mobile, storage, network, IoT digital home and car infotainment products. Beyond file access, Paragon’s drivers provide the highest data throughput speeds, enabling flawless recording and playback of high-definition videos and a seamless VR/AR experience. These performance capabilities have set Paragon far apart.

Paragon exFAT driver is based on the company’s proprietary File System Link (FSL, formerly, UFSD) cross-platform technology that enables any device to communicate and gain access to storage media regardless of file system type. Already installed in millions of devices and integrated by major suppliers, Paragon’s cross-platform tools provide the highest data throughput speeds exceeding native performance. Paragon’s FSL technology provides rapid, transparent, full read/write access to non-native file systems such as exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, APFS under Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, QNX, and other platforms. Paragon FSL provides a valuable enhancement for OEMs, benefiting external storage support end users.

Paragon File System Link key benefits:

  • Data safety and integrity
  • Stable operation and fault tolerance
  • Reliable performance over a wide range of applications
  • Minimal resource footprint
  • Consistent user experience

Officially covered by Microsoft patent rights, Paragon’s driver is available for direct implementation to OEMs, ODMs and independent software vendors for integration into devices and antivirus, forensic and data recovery solutions without the need to obtain Microsoft licensing. Paragon is a preferred Microsoft exFAT supplier, and the partnership with Paragon offers consumers easy multimedia file exchange across platforms and devices.

Availability: The technology is available for licensing at sales@paragon-software.com. exFAT can also be purchased as an SDK library and can be embedded in any application. For more information on Paragon’s File System Link offerings, visit https://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/file-system-link-business/.


About Paragon Software
Since 1994, Paragon Software has been delivering reliable software products and technology solutions to help every day users, IT professionals, and businesses keep data healthy and safe. We offer file systems and storage management, deployment, and migration of heterogeneous appliances and systems, data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery for hybrid environments.

Sagemcom jac

Paris, February 7, 2020

At its ninth annual forum, JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation) rewarded Sagemcom for its commitment and achievement in the area of CSR.

The first award went to the excellent audit results of Sagemcom's Tunisian industrial site: receiving a score of 96 out of a total 100, the results show Sagemcom’s commitment to ethics and the strength of its CSR commitments.

The second trophy rewards the work carried out by Sagemcom on Circular Economy and the Ecodesign of Products in partnership with its operator customers.

Sagemcom’s efforts in these areas were recognized by a panel of JAC member and institutional customers as leaders and distinguishing markers on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market, as a result of a deep understanding of the environmental issues relating to the development and life cycle of products designed and manufactured by Sagemcom. The experts also emphasized the implementation of concrete solutions by Sagemcom, such as the integration of recycled plastic in its products and the work carried out to reduce the energy consumption of products the Group puts on the market.

JAC is a collaborative initiative that joins 17 major operators: AT&T, Deutsch Telekom, Elisa, KPN, MTS, Orange, Proximus, ROGERS, Swisscom, Telefonica, Telenor Group, Telia, Telstra, TIM, VEON, VERIZON and VODAFONE.



E-world 2020: Premiere of the First Fully-Certified Smart Metering System

Hamburg, 8th January 2020

Metering expert Sagemcom presents its completely certified smart metering system (iMSys) for the first time at E-world 2020. The iMSys is the first rollout-ready system from a manufacturer on the German market.

Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH and Sagemcom Fröschl GmbH will jointly present their smart metering portfolio from 11 – 13 February 2020 in Essen in Hall 3, Stand 3-444. The modular, fully certified iMSys of the Siconia TM SMARTY product series consisting of the smart meter gateway (SMGW) SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ and the basic meter SiconiaTM SMARTY BZ will be at the centre of the show. After the basic meter already received MID approval in the second quarter of 2019, the BSI certification of the SMGW followed on September 25, 2019, so that Sagemcom's iMSys is now ready for the smart meter rollout.

For the first time, Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus offers an outlook on the development plans. In the first quarter of 2020, the eSIM functionality will be implemented in the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ SMGW. This feature gives metering point operators flexibility with regard to their mobile phone costs, as the SIM chip can be converted to a new contract at any time. Assembly costs are also reduced, since no physical SIM card change is required for the mobile radio-based gateways.

In Q1 2020, in addition to the already implemented TAF 1 (data-saving tariffs), TAF 2 (timevariable tariffs), TAF 6 (reading of metering data upon request) and TAF 7 (load curve data), tariff application cases (TAF) 9, 10 and 14 will also be implemented in the SMGW. TAF 9 is used for energy management and makes it possible to call up the current actual feed-in of an energy generation system. Meanwhile, the TAF 10 helps grid operators to monitor the grid condition in order to be able to counteract critical grid conditions in good time. High-frequency metering data were provided by the TAF 14. The implementation of the new tariff application cases is in full swing, so that a successful conclusion can be expected in the near future. Already installed SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ devices can be updated with the new TAFs via a remote firmware update.

With regard to the SiconiaTM SMARTY basic meter series, the three-point basic meter is available as a one-directional meter with backstop and bi-directional meter – both in 60A and 100A versions. The digital three-phase meter can be purchased as a single or double tariff meter and is suitable for use in the iMSys (in combination with an SMGW) or as a modern metering device (mME).

Further information:

com hem

Rueil-Malmaison, November 20th, 2019

This next generation home gateway achieves breathtaking performance and allows com hem customers reaching multi-gigabit speeds and experiencing enhanced connectivity.

Designed by Sagemcom, DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA F@st 3896 maximises the distribution over Wi-Fi and 2.5Gbps LAN of the bandwidth coming from the DOCSIS 3.1 network.

This product implements a true Wi-Fi 6 solution, offering better spectrum efficiency, higher network capacity, enhanced user experience and reduced latency on the home networking. It features the latest wireless technologies including OFDMA and
1024QAM modulation and it enables multi-device usages through an efficient bandwidth sharing. It is designed to maximize the throughput for each connected device in the home, to extend the Wi-Fi range and to reduce the power consumption
of the connected devices.

In addition, DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA F@st 3896 offers advanced broadband services with Sagemcom Swan®.It is also available with RDK-B and its open partner ecosystem.

DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA F@st 3896 better supports the connected homes with multiple active devices. It accelerates everything that consumers do online today including video streaming, smart home automation, gaming and downloads. It is also ready to support future services and experiences such as 8K video, IA applications, home network security, advanced QoS and more.

"The majority of our customers use wireless connection at home and therefore it is important to us that we have the absolute fastest broadband speeds. Now we are the first Swedish operator to launch WiFi 6, and thanks to that we can offer the fastest speed over WiFi ever achieved among the biggest operators in Sweden. Once again, Com Hem proves that we offer the best surfing experience that you can get in your home", says Joakim Öhrström, Head of Broadband and TV at Com Hem.

wifi certification

Rueil-Malmaison, November 18th, 2019

On november 13th 2019, Sagemcom received the Wi-Fi 6 certification (ID: WFA91587) from the Wi-Fi Alliance for its new 10G Pon fiber gateway, F@st 5688ax, making it the first Wi-Fi 6 certified home gateway.



The F@st 5688ax is the new generation of Home Gateway designed for Consumers and Small Businesses that delivers up to 10Gbps of symmetrical throughput to fiber households. Thanks to the integration of the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, this capacity can be efficiently distributed to the various wireless terminals connected to the local home network.

As the very first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6TM home gateway, the F@st 5688ax demonstrates Sagemcom leadership in technology integration for the broadband market. This achievement is the result of Sagemcom engineering extensive experience and expertise in broadband and its ability to deliver the latest innovations within a very short time-to-market. It demonstrates also its effective strategic partnership with technology vendors. Always anticipating the market requirements, Sagemcom was the only home gateway vendor that participated actively to all Wi-Fi 6 plugfests, contributing to the adoption of this technology by the industry and by Service Providers.

Sagemcom proposes the Wi-Fi 6 in all products ranges: Fiber, Cable, DSL, FTTH, 4G/5G home gateways and Wi-Fi extenders.


sagemcom logotype

Hamburg, 1 st October 2019
SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ, the smart meter gateway (SMGw) of Sagemcom Dr.Neuhaus, is interoperable with the NLI software for gateway administration. Energy suppliers, distribution network operators and municipal utilities using the NLI software can now integrate and profit from the SMGw.

The GWA/EMT software from Next Level Integration GmbH supports the smart meter gateway from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus. The interoperability of the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ SMGw has been thoroughly tested according to the Technical Guideline TR-03109 of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). All tariffs supported by the SMGw as well as LMN, HAN, WAN interfaces and communication protocols were tested successfully. In addition, the metering data processing between the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ and NLI software was extensively tested.

On the basis of these tests, the application for the certificate of conformity at the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB) has been completed, so that the proof of interoperability will be promptly included in the revision of the type examination certificate of the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ.

All energy suppliers, distribution network operators and municipal utilities that use the NLI software can now use the Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus gateway and harness it productively after receiving the formal PTB certificate. The most recently BSI-certified smart meter gateway, which will shortly be BSI-certified, not only fulfils all safety and data protection requirements for the rollout of smart metering systems, but is also one of the highly standardised components of the “Energiewende”.

Both companies will be presenting their smart metering solutions at the metering days in Fulda on October 9 and 10.

About Sagemcom
A French high-tech group of international dimensions, Sagemcom operates on the broadband (set-top boxes, Multi-Gigabit gateways), smart city and Internet of Things (founding member of LoRa Alliance) markets.
With a revenue of 2.1 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 5,500 people on five continents. Sagemcom aims to stay a world leader in communicating terminals with high added value.

About Next Level Integration GmbH
Next Level Integration (NLI), a company of the Arvato Systems Group, is a software producer and solution provider for the utilities industry. More than 250 customers in Germany and Europe trust in NLI's software solutions. The product portfolio focuses on applications in the regulatory environment, integration solutions, portals and complete solutions for the market roles of supplier and metering point operator / gateway administrator. The software solutions offered are used daily to provide services at over 25 million metering points in Germany.

sagemcom gateway

Hamburg, 30th September 2019

Ready for rollout: the smart meter gateway (SMGw) SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus obtains CC-certification from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Thus, number two of the three SMGw manufacturers in Germany required for starting the smart meter rollout is certified.

On September 25, 2019, the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ gateway was officially certified according to the Common Criteria (CC) by the BSI. At the invitation of the BSI, the official certificate handover took place in Bonn on 30 September. “The smart meter gateway is one of the key technologies in the course of the German “Energiewende”. Only if users in government, business and society can rely on the protection of their data will this digital transformation succeed and its potential be fully exploited. Medium-sized companies that invest in information security strengthen Germany as a business location and contribute to Germany's digital sovereignty with their innovations. The second certified smart meter gateway proves once again that innovative technologies and smart solutions can be developed in such a way that information security is guaranteed and the privacy of consumers is protected," explains BSI President Arne Schönbohm.

With the receipt of the CC certificate, the path to the nationwide smart meter rollout has now been further paved. The G1 gateway from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus receives a comprehensive certificate, which means that it can be used for up to eight years as required by law. In addition to the in-house gateway administration (GWA) system "Fröschl SMGWA", Sagemcom cooperates intensively with various relevant GWA software providers in terms of the interoperability of smart metering systems. The milestone "CC certification" underlines the good and focused cooperation of Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus with its customers, partners and authorities.

With TAF 1, TAF 2, TAF 6 and TAF 7, the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ supports numerous tariff application cases that enable variable electricity tariffs according to customer requirements. The TAF 7 of the Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus gateway in the LTE and GPRS product variants is characterized by a particularly economical use of the mobile data volume during metering data transmission as well as the safety-relevant TLS channel structure. In addition, the CLS interface of the SMGW can be used to implement various future-oriented application scenarios within the framework of control, regulation and switching operations (HKS 1, 4, 5).

End consumers enjoy maximum security, data protection and connectivity with the Smart Meter Gateway. As a secure communication unit, the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ SMGW is the key point of smart meterting systems (iMSys) in Germany. Together with a digital electricity meter, such as the Siconia™ SMARTY BZ meter, the gateway forms the iMSys. While the meter electronically determines the power consumption, the SMGW connected to the meter safely sends metering values to authorized market participants, such as the metering point operator or the end consumer. The aim of an iMSys is to advance the digitization of the energy transition by intelligently linking energy generation and demand in the distribution network.


Figure 1: The BSI certified Smart Meter Gateway SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ
(image source: Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH)

Further information: