Sagemcom launches the new Box 8 Tv set-top box of SFR, introduced on french market in august

Rueil, 10th September 2019

Sagemcom and SFR announce the launch of the box 8 Tv of SFR, co-developed by their teams, a new extremely powerful set-top box that delivers very high-quality picture and sound, and that also associates a voice assistant to control the video and audio entertainment experience with the voice, and integrated loudspeakers.

This innovative device belongs to the Video SoundboxTM product range developed by Sagemcom to meet ever-growing demand of customers for next-generation boxes aggregating immersive entertainment with voice commands and smart assistant services.

As far as video is concerned, the product is ready for 4K HDR and Dolby Vision, delivering a highly contrasted, detailed picture with vivid colors. For the sound, Dolby Atmos compatibility allows a “movie theater” sound at home.

Integrated voice assistant allows to control the set-top box with the voice. Without any remote control, through a user interface developed by Wiztivi, channel change, pause a program to play it later, search a content for replay is carried out instantaneously. Next autumn, product will also integrate Amazon Alexa®.

“Our SFR Box 8 will set a new standard for consumer entertainment and connected experiences in the home,” said Grégory Rabuel, Executive President for General Public and Companies at SFR “Through our combined partnership in connected home technologies, this new product will bring voice and media together for an unprecedented user experience.”

Olivier Taravel, Deputy CEO of Sagemcom, in charge of Audio Video Solutions business unit, said: “This Video SoundboxTM, combining best of picture, sound and voice, illustrates Sagemcom ability to integrate leading-edge technologies in its products. We are proud to offer our expertise in co-developed & manufactured of Audio and Video devices to our customers.”