High performance bandwidth with the Sagemcom F@st Plug 500 premium





Sagemcom, leader on the broadband market, completes its product portofolio with a high performance powerline device: the F@st Plug 500 premium

Sagemcom widens its product range with powerline communication plugs. Sporting a modest and elegant design and sold in a pair, the F@st Plug 500 Premium devices include an integrated socket so that they can be connected to the mains power and other equipment.

This high-end solution offers a theoretical throughput of 500 Mbps, has an Ethernet Gigabit port and is compatible with HomePlug AV 200 Mbps devices.

Very easy to install, the F@st Plug 500 Premium allows you to create a secure, rapid and efficient network at home, which manages efficiently traffic priority between data, audio and video.

The F@st Plug 500 Premium devices are the perfect solution, for instance to complete a Sagemcom set-top box and to transmit HD video in the room of your choice.

The F@st Plug 500 Premium is essential for all those wanting a highperformance domestic network!

Availability: July 2012

Recommended retail price (distributors are free to apply their own price): €109.99 including tax for the pair

About Sagemcom
French high-technology group with an international dimension, Sagemcom operates on markets of broadband (digital home, digital set-top box, broadband and residential terminals), telecom and energy (M2M, telecommunications infrastructure, smartgrid and metering), and management of documents (printing terminals, software and solutions, digital production workflow).
With a turnover of about 1.5 billion Euros, Sagemcom employs 4 600 people on five continents; already a European leader in most of its key markets, Sagemcom aims to become a world leader in high added value communicating terminals. Sagemcom is strongly committed to sustainable development through the life cycle of its products: eco-design, energy consumption, ethical code of all its suppliers.
For more information : www.sagemcom.com

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