Sixty Line and Sixty Go: Retro look and high performance



Given the success of its Sagemcom Sixty® residential phone range, Sagemcom has now dreamed up some new products in the designer spirit of previous models. The Seen and Sixty Line are its latest expression.

Launched in late 2010, the Sixty residential phone line revolutionized the market when Sagemcom created a new generation of residential phones with a retro look and a trendy design. To optimize its products and make its customers even happier, Sagemcom is pursuing the adventure with two new models whose pure, designer lines are faithful to the Sixty spirit.


For those who like a retro look, Sagemcom offers the latest model in the Sixty range: the Sixty Line. With its appealing curves, this phone with a flex cable (which can also be fixed to the wall) is extremely comfortable in the hand and very easy to use. But don't be fooled by the "retro" aspect: it has just as many features as more designer models. With its second call management, three-party conference facility, last number redial and adjustable volume for the ring tone and calls, the Sixty Line will meet the most stringent requirements. And it works even if there is a power cut.

Also available in a cordless version, the Sixty Go offers the same technical characteristics and performances as the Sixty Line. Its integrated battery means that you can page it to find the handset if it is not on its base, and to make calls even if there is a power cut. And the Sixty Go will match any surroundings, as the phone comes in three colours: black, white and red.

Sixty Line and Sixty Go sets are on offer at a recommended retail price of €17.90 and €34.90.

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