• Controlling and monitoring the distribution network
  • Load Control Management
  • Load Shedding
  • Street Lighting
  • Remote lighting of Traffic signs
  • Monitoring of voltage quality
  • Remote time synchronisation
  • RTU remote actuator

Note: this list of features is not exhaustive. Deeper list and détails can be delivered on special demand under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

RSD is used to replace traditional Ripple Control devices.  This multi-functional remote relay module includes DLMS protocol and a communication modem supporting both PLC technology as well as point to point for cellular communication. This plug & play solution enables a secured remote two ways communication for controlling and monitoring the distribution network. RSD is a part of Sagemcom SICONIA® solution, fulfils any Smart Grid requirements and it is fully integrated into the Sagemcom Smart Metering and Smart Grid End to End Infrastructure.


• Easy 3 interchangeable and independant relays: Up to 40A
• 1 RS485 interface
• Astronomical Clock
• Remote Firmwares upgrade
• Internal lighting-up time table for Street Lighting
• Special days and public holidays configurable
• Load switching: according to timer program or on command from the remote Central System
• Remote Firmwares update
• Dual techno: PLC + Cellular
• DLMS / COSEM standard based
• DLMS Security suite 0, 1 (Suite 2 ready)

Fraud detections

• Strong Magnectic Detection
• Covers opening detection
• Security attacks detection


• European CE label
• MID (European Metrology) and International IEC metrology standards
• G3-PLC Alliance
• PLC Bands: CENELEC A and FCC
• DLMS SECURITY suite 0, 1 (Ready for Suite 2)
• Open to special Local/country Certifications

Electrical characteristics

• Voltage:  110V-230V~
• Max Switching current: configurable – 8/16/20/25/40A
• DIN connection
• Frequency: 50-60 Hz


• Lifetime: 20 years


• Compact size: 85 x 180 x 65 mm
• Robust mechanical design
• Protection index: IP54
• Operating temperature range: -40° C / +70°C
• Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing over 24hours

Communication interfaces

• WAN interfaces:
    - Embedded G3-PLC Modem: PLC OFDM according to PLC G3-Alliance standard. CENELEC-A and FCC Bands   
     (remotely  configurable)
• Modular Cellular Modem:
    - 2G; 2G-3G; 2G-4G; 4G-LTE Cat.1; Cat.M1-NB1 modular modem
    - Accessible SIM Card: 2FF type
    - Chip SIM card (optional): M2FF type
    - SMA connector for antenna extension
    - With a pin-to-pin compatible modem integration architecture for evolution to new technologies