E-WORLD 2020: Premiere of the First Fully-Certified Smart Metering System

E-world 2020: Premiere of the First Fully-Certified Smart Metering System

Hamburg, 8th January 2020

Metering expert Sagemcom presents its completely certified smart metering system (iMSys) for the first time at E-world 2020. The iMSys is the first rollout-ready system from a manufacturer on the German market.

Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH and Sagemcom Fröschl GmbH will jointly present their smart metering portfolio from 11 – 13 February 2020 in Essen in Hall 3, Stand 3-444. The modular, fully certified iMSys of the Siconia TM SMARTY product series consisting of the smart meter gateway (SMGW) SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ and the basic meter SiconiaTM SMARTY BZ will be at the centre of the show. After the basic meter already received MID approval in the second quarter of 2019, the BSI certification of the SMGW followed on September 25, 2019, so that Sagemcom's iMSys is now ready for the smart meter rollout.

For the first time, Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus offers an outlook on the development plans. In the first quarter of 2020, the eSIM functionality will be implemented in the SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ SMGW. This feature gives metering point operators flexibility with regard to their mobile phone costs, as the SIM chip can be converted to a new contract at any time. Assembly costs are also reduced, since no physical SIM card change is required for the mobile radio-based gateways.

In Q1 2020, in addition to the already implemented TAF 1 (data-saving tariffs), TAF 2 (timevariable tariffs), TAF 6 (reading of metering data upon request) and TAF 7 (load curve data), tariff application cases (TAF) 9, 10 and 14 will also be implemented in the SMGW. TAF 9 is used for energy management and makes it possible to call up the current actual feed-in of an energy generation system. Meanwhile, the TAF 10 helps grid operators to monitor the grid condition in order to be able to counteract critical grid conditions in good time. High-frequency metering data were provided by the TAF 14. The implementation of the new tariff application cases is in full swing, so that a successful conclusion can be expected in the near future. Already installed SiconiaTM SMARTY IQ devices can be updated with the new TAFs via a remote firmware update.

With regard to the SiconiaTM SMARTY basic meter series, the three-point basic meter is available as a one-directional meter with backstop and bi-directional meter – both in 60A and 100A versions. The digital three-phase meter can be purchased as a single or double tariff meter and is suitable for use in the iMSys (in combination with an SMGW) or as a modern metering device (mME).

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