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Sagemcom strengthens its positions on the multi-energy market, by acquiring Meter Italia S.P.A, leader in gas metering in Italy.

As of July 27, 2017, Sagemcom becomes a 100% shareholder of Meter Italia S.p.A through its subsidiary Sagemcom Energy & Telecom SAS. Meter Italia joins the Sagemcom group and becomes Sagemcom Italia S.p.A.

This acquisition represents an opportunity for the Sagemcom Group to access and actively participate in the growth of the gas metering market. Meter Italia has a complete portfolio of traditional and smart residential gas meter, as well as a range of industrial gas meters.

Combining the competencies of Meter Italia and Sagemcom will also allow Sagemcom to address new technology breakthroughs in the world of multi-energy metering, in order to meet the expectations of the market and its customers.

For Patrick Sevian, CEO of Sagemcom, « This acquisition is at the heart of our growth strategy, especially because the smart multi-energy metering market is a promising future for our Group. This strengthens our position as a leader of the multi-energy metering market, specifically in EMEA thanks to Meter Italia's positions and our presence on the Italian market. We are pleased to see Meter Italia join Sagemcom ».

"The integration of an actor like Meter Italia is a real opportunity to immediately become a major player in gas, thanks to the combination of Meter Italia's know-how and reputation in the manufacture of gas meters, together with Sagemcom's expertise in energy management solutions, communication infrastructures and IoT" adds Eric Rieul, VP of Sagemcom Energy & Telecom.

“Joining the Sagemcom Group is a tremendous opportunity for Meter Italia. We will be able to get support from a structure and teams that will allow us to develop our business internationally” concludes Boris Ferraresi, CEO of Meter Italia.


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This month, Enexis Netbeheer starts large scale rollout of Sagemcom ESMR5 smart electricity meters with mobile LTE cat1 communication technology.

This massive rollout follows successful joined achievements in between Enexis Netbeheer and Sagemcom including final system Integration, Field Test period monitoring and LTE cat1 Radio performance completeness proven by 3rd Party accredited Laboratory.

One and a half year after the award, Sagemcom is delivering to Enexis Netbeheer XS210 single phase Meter and T210 three phase meter for massive rollout.

Through the use of Wireless Mbus communication, Sagemcom ESMR5 smart electricity meters are fully interoperable with all ESMR5 compliant smart gas meters. This new combination of electricity and gas meters will offer real time information on energy consumption in order to reduce energy usage and significantly decrease energy costs for customers.

According to Haico Hangx, Program Manager Smart Meter Development at Enexis Netbeheer: ”we are eager to speed up the roll out with Sagemcom ESMR5 smart electricity meters and we would like to highlight the quality of the partnership with Sagemcom, which has demonstrated its ability to collaborate with Enexis Netbeheer by designing, implementing and producing the smart electricity meters in full compliancy with ESMR5 specifications”

With this start of massive rollout Sagemcom confirms its leadership in Smart Metering in Europe and its position as top multi technologies smart meter solutions partner. Commenting on this start of rollout, Jean-Philippe Sacriste, Director of Sagemcom Energy department, said: “Sagemcom is very proud to be a long term technology and industrial partner to Enexis. It is also key for us to demonstrate one more time that by choosing Sagemcom our customers have the warranty to fulfill their ambition for Smart Metering roll out and grid management capabilities.”

Based in Rueil Malmaison, Sagemcom, owned by its employees at 30%, is a French company that designs and manufactures communication terminals especially in the Energy, Telecom and Broadband areas. Every day, 250 dedicated people located in Rueil-Malmaison (head office of Sagemcom) contribute to the research, the development, the design and the marketing of meters, data concentrators and software suite for the management of electricity, gas, and water.

About Enexis Netbeheer
Enexis is the regional network operator in the north, east and south of the Netherlands. The company is tasked with the development and construction of energy distribution networks (gas and electricity) and the maintenance and management of these networks. Acting as the link between the customer and the energy supplier, Enexis is responsible for the supply of energy to more than 2.7 million customers. Enexis has 4,500 employees.

About Sagemcom
A French high-tech group of international dimensions, Sagemcom operates on the broadband (digital home, set-top boxes, Internet routers, telephony and multimedia terminals), smart city (smart meter, smart grid, smart infra, smart sites and smart services), and Internet of Things markets.
With revenue of around 1.5 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 4000 people on five continents and ships every year more than 25 million terminals. Sagemcom aims to remain a world leader in communicating terminals with high added value.
Sagemcom has provided support for its clients for the last 25 years by preparing and implementing their energy management projects, and by deploying secure and sustainable metering solutions, from meters to information systems


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London, United Kingdom and Paris, France, May 23rd, 2017 — Stream Technologies, the company behind IoT-X - the world's most advanced IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity management platform, and Sagemcom, a leading company in LoRa® end to end solutions, today announced that Sagemcom’s LoRaWAN™ gateways, devices range and platform are now fully compatible with Stream’s IoT-X platform, both providing a full end to end LoRaWAN connectivity.

IoT-X has been adopted by over 500 enterprise customers, including tier 1, 2 and 3 mobile network operators. The platform is agnostic to network type and includes a rich set of features, which have been developed for over a decade. IoT-X provides enterprises with the ability to manage the IoT connectivity lifecycle, subscribers and billing.

Sagemcom, is an innovative and well-recognized international leader in the industrial Smart City, and Smart Nation market, thanks to its combination of Smart Metering, Smart Infrastructure solutions, and its end-to-end IoT Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) products portfolio, SICONIA™, ranging from infrastructure solutions, such as Carrier- Grade Gateways enabled for Geolocation, LoRa™ Network Server (LNS), Geolocation Solver, in addition to small and cost efficient Multi-usage IoT devices.

Mohsen Shakoor, Strategic Partnerships at Stream Technologies, said: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Sagemcom. Together we are making it simpler for enterprises to deploy scalable, commercial LoRa networks. A single IoT-X account provides Sagemcom’s enterprise customers with access to Stream’s LoRaWAN IoT-X platform and a host of global coverage options for cellular and satellite networks. Sagemcom’s enterprise customers can use Stream’s cost-effective tariff options to provide backhaul connectivity for their gateways. Network operators can use IoT-X to manage and commercialise their IoT networks and provide a single interface for their enterprise customers, to manage their IoT connectivity.”

“This collaboration reinforces Sagemcom’s vision and strategy of the LPWAN IoT, enabling fast, flexible and cost efficient deployments on many different market verticals, gathering and structuring diverse IoT communities worldwide, collaborating around a common mass market objective” says Eric Rieul, CEO of Sagemcom Energy & Telecom.

About Stream
Stream Technologies are innovators in IoT connectivity and network enablement. Stream's customers include OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), enterprise clients, government organisations, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) as well as smart city operators and solution providers.
IoT-X is Stream's class-leading CMP (Connectivity Management Platform). Use IoT-X to manage cellular, satellite and LPWA (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) connectivity, including LoRa. IoT-X is fully integrated with Oberthur's M-Connect eUICC platform, Stream's LoRaWAN network server and includes LoRa subscription management capability. IoT-X is the world's most agile CMP.

About Sagemcom
A French high-tech group of international dimensions, Sagemcom operates on the broadband (digital home, set-top boxes, Internet routers, telephony and multimedia terminals), smart city (smart meter, smart grid, smart site, smart infra, smart services) and Internet of Things (founding member of LoRa Alliance) markets. With a revenue of 1.5 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 4,000 people on five continents. Sagemcom aims to stay a world leader in communicating terminals with high added value.


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Mobile World Congress, Barcelona: 27th February 2017: Actility and Sagemcom, pioneering industry leaders in Low Power Wide Area network software, today announce the availability of roaming between LoRaWAN® networks, based on early implementation of the draft standard proposed by the LoRa Alliance™, which will be rolled out widely by operators over the coming months. This roaming capability will be demonstrated on Actility’s booth at MWC (8.0C3). Thanks to these features, operators will be able to enhance coverage within countries by network sharing, and enable international use cases for customers by roaming across borders. LoRaWAN® private network owners will also be able to share their network coverage with public network operators.

“The Standardisation team working on roaming at the LoRa Alliance™ has done a fantastic job in specifying all the needed elements, from provisioning to key management and “back office” functions, to enable roaming between LoRaWAN® networks,” explains Actility founder & CTO Olivier Hersent. “We have seen a very strong pull from communication service provider customers, so Actility has invested very heavily to bring an early implementation of the latest stable draft specification to market and gain practical experience as soon as possible, as you can see in our demonstration. Our implementation enables network sharing and roaming between LoRaWAN® networks using ThingPark Wireless IoT core network platform, and networks equipped with Sagemcom and other standard compliant network servers.”

“By implementing roaming features in their solutions accordingly with LoRa Alliance™ requirements, Sagemcom and their partners are speeding up the adoption of IoT by extending the coverage, the mobility and the cooperation between the operators. It also emphasizes the power of the Alliance by demonstrating the partnership and the interoperability between the different members and their solutions” says Eric Rieul, Sagemcom Energy & Telecom CEO.

“Roaming is essential for Objenious customers to fully benefit from LPWA network capabilities across all their locations and business internationally and globally, and we’re very pleased to see this early implementation which now contributes to enable LoRaWAN® roaming”, says Stephane Allaire, Objenious CEO.

“Inmarsat enables connectivity around the world, serving customers in remote areas, as well as industries which drive the global economy. We have recently extended the capabilities of our network to make LoRaWAN® connectivity available from any ground station, and we are now able to offer low-power WAN connectivity anywhere. With the help of this new LoRa Allianc™e roaming standard, we will bring seamless ultra-low-power connectivity to a new range of mobile use cases worldwide,” comments Paul Gudonis, President, Inmarsat Enterprise.

“Orange solutions based on LoRa® will be extended worldwide in July 2017, providing focused coverage to cities, harbours or industrial sites. LoRaWAN® standardised roaming is a key complementary pillar of our strategy, to optimise deployment costs and reliability for our business customers. Orange already provides a LoRa® based end-to-end solution in France supporting more than 60 Live B2B projects in numerous verticals such as smart cities, smart building, parking, smart home, industry, supply chain, tracking, agriculture.”, says Olivier Ondet, IoT & Analytics SVP, Orange Business Services.

“LPWA is a core technology for the future of industry globally, and the dynamic manufacturing base which drives the Taiwanese economy is already turning to the IoT to optimise supply chain and logistics. The early availability of roaming, as demonstrated by Actility at MWC, and the global technology platform they now provide, is key to extending our solutions worldwide as quickly as possible,” explains Asia-Pacific Telecom President Tim Chen.

Jasper Snijder, KPN’s EVP New Business adds, “The Internet of Things doesn’t stop at national borders. For many use cases, for instance asset tracking, it is important for our customers that ‘things’ remain connected across the globe. As the first operator in the world with a LoRaWAN® network covering the entire country, we are soon going to be able to offer our customers multi-national LPWAN connectivity and coverage”.

“We think that roaming is a key capability for LoRaWAN®, which will support many interesting use cases for our customers. We are seeing strong market demand for roaming capabilities, and are backing the Lora Alliance roaming standard. We’re pleased to see companies like Actility offering early implementations of that draft standard, which means that our customers will be able to start implementing those use cases today,” adds Lars Petermann, Head of Smart Solution for IoT at telent GmbH.

“Thanks to roaming we will be able to offer a seamless cross-border experience, which will unlock a huge potential in the market,” says Frederic Lhostte, Proximus Head of Advanced Telco Services. “It enables us to exploit new use cases, in the mobility sector as well as allow us to advance talks with companies that have business activities in a variety of countries. In addition, it will boost a closer relationship between operators in different countries that back LoRaWAN® to jointly target international customers.”

Roaming offers extended coverage for specific use cases by leveraging collaboration between multiple networks, and provides increased capacity and extended device battery life in areas where there are overlapping multiple networks, and finally, it enables LoRaWAN® Service Providers to better manage capacity and optimise their coverage. Roaming also enables devices to connect to different LPWA networks depending on the local coverage, and enables use cases in which assets need to be monitored and tracked as they move between countries, for example in baggage monitoring or parcel/shipment tracking.

For more information, please contact:

Actility: Anne van Gemert:


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Barcelona, Spain – February 27, 2017 — Sagemcom, an international leader in the industrial IoT Smart City and Smart Nation markets, inked today an extensive technology partnership with myDevices, creator of Cayenne – the world’s first drag and drop IoT Project Builder, at Mobile World Congress, (MWC) being held in Barcelona from February 27 - March 2.

Sagemcom is showcasing Smart City & Energy use cases with its mass-produced SICONIA™ multi-sensor device combined with myDevices’ Cayenne software solution at Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1E49. The demo highlights its flexible JavaScript application IDE, taking advantage of many available sensors, such as temperature or accelerator, and Cayenne’s ability to collect, monitor, and visualize sensor data.

As a member of myDevices’ IoT Ready™ Program, Sagemcom’s LoRa™ Network Server (LNS) platform and Cayenne platform are now fully integrated, thus offering new opportunities for the entire IoT LoRa™ Ecosystem to build and deploy end-to-end Systems.

“We are excited to partner with industry leaders such as Sagemcom and promote them in our IoT Ready Program which enables device manufacturers and connectivity providers to integrate their products and services directly inside our Cayenne IoT Project Builder,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices. “Over 165,000 Cayenne developers can now drag-and-drop Sagemcom’s innovative products and services directly into their IoT projects.”

“This tight collaboration reinforces Sagemcom’s vision and strategy of the LPWAN IoT, enabling fast, flexible and cost efficient deployments on many different market verticals, gathering and structuring diverse IoT communities worldwide, collaborating around a common mass market objective” says Eric Rieul, Deputy CEO of Sagemcom Energy & Telecom.

Sagemcom, is an innovative and well-recognized international leader in the industrial Smart City, and Smart Nation market, thanks to its combination of Smart Metering, Smart Infrastructure solutions, and its full end-to-end IoT Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) products portfolio, SICONIA™, ranging from infrastructure solutions, such as Carrier-Grade Gateways enabled for Geolocation, LoRa™ Network Server (LNS), Geolocation Solver, in addition to small and cost efficient Multi-usage IoT devices.

Sagemcom’s Gateways, and its Network Server, support the biggest LoRaWAN™ Network in the world to-date, in France, with +4500 Gateways nationwide, covering 93% of French population, demonstrating leading edge reliability and scalability.

The SICONIA™ technology is deployed in many other innovative IoT projects worldwide, beyond Europe, from Asia, Asia-Pac (APAC), Middle-East, North-Africa and North-America.

Such global scale is the result of Sagemcom’s commitment, as Founding Member, Board Member, and Vice-Chair of the LoRa™ Alliance, to deliver a worldwide standard, with related certification process.

About Sagemcom

A French high-tech group of international dimensions, Sagemcom operates on the broadband (digital home, set-top boxes, Internet routers, telephony and multimedia terminals), smart city (smart meter, smart grid, smart site, smart infra, smart services) and Internet of Things (founding member of LoRa Alliance) markets. With a revenue of 1.5 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 4,000 people on five continents. Sagemcom aims to stay a world leader in communicating terminals with high added value. // //

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About myDevices
myDevices, an IoT solutions company, is the creator of Cayenne, the world’s first drag-and-drop IoT Project Builder, which enables customers to bring their IoT projects from prototype to mass production. The company also hosts a vibrant online community of IoT developers where users collaborate and share information. myDevices’ connectivity and device-agnostic technology empowers engineers and enterprise partners to easily develop and deploy IoT solutions into their existing infrastructure and business. myDevices is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information please visit

Media contact
Jake White

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Sagemcom presents its range of LORA™ sensors - open and multi-purpose, complementing its end-to-end IOT solution.

These brand new sensors can be customized accordingly to customers' use cases, thanks to embedded accelerometer, thermometer and barometer. Easy customization and tuning enable allow any service operator and application provider to design new services.

In compliance with the LoRa™ Alliance standards, these sensors are longstanding and energy-efficient. Sagemcom patents have them particularly effective in radio use. They were selected by Objenious, a subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom dedicated to the Internet of Things, to satisfy their testing needs.

Stéphane Allaire, Chairman of Objenious, noted “There is not such a thing as a IoT project working without a powerful network nor low cost or performant sensors. Following a year of intense cooperation with our partners, Objenious is pleased to offer a comprehensive, fully operational solution. This allows our customers to experiment the quality of our nationwide network and to propose services and applications accordingly to their final users’ needs."

Eric Rieul, CEO of Sagemcom, highlighted: "Sagemcom overall focused on the development of solutions enabling the deployment of LoRa™-based networks. Such a range of cost effective, open and multi-purpose sensors will empower IoT-focused actors in their own innovation efforts."

Sagemcom is a founding member of the LoRa™ Alliance and will be present at the Mobile World Congress within the French pavilion, hall 8.1 booth E49.


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Sagemcom is the global leader in providing end-to-end solution for Smart Grid and Smart City, will showcase its latest G3-PLC certified T210 CEN-A/FCC three phase electricity meter supports both Cenelec A (European) and FCC (North America) G3-PLC protocol in a single electricity meter at the European Utility Week 2016, Barcelona, 15-17 November 2016. Along with T210 CEN-A/FCC, Sagemcom will also be introducing Data Concentrator (DC) and Smart Data Gateway (SDG) XP6000 series which is supporting both Cenelec A (European) and FCC (North America) G3-PLC protocol will be becoming the gold standard for PLC connectivity.

T210 CEN-A/FCC builds on the performance improvement offers a unique ability to switch into the various G3-PLC band plans to enhance power line communication link or meet regional regulatory directive. Foreseeing the need for consumer to monitor real-time energy consumption through In-Home Display (IHD) or becoming a bridge to collect and transport data to central office from Water and Gas meters, T210 CEN- A/FCC equipped with M-bus RF and M-bus wired technology as well developed on the OMS standard basis.

End to End Security is the key component for empowering high speed digital intelligence to the AMI and smart grid network. T210 CEN-A/FCC and DC/SDG XP6000 offers confidentiality, authenticity and integrity required to manage AMI and smart grid network. At application layer, This product line; adapts the green book 8 DLMS-COSEM security suites 0, 1, 2 and policies which can be selected according to the project needs.

“We are pleased to see Sagemcom’s innovation raises the bar for the entire industry in architecting the future smart grid with greater integration, removing regional regulatory boundaries and new operational efficiencies.” says Kaveh Razazian , CTO Energy and Telecom at Sagemcom, "This is an exciting time in energy distribution market where flexible and scalable solution at much lower total cost of ownership has been unlocked by not just implementing an open-standard, but by developing multiband, multimode AMI devices that can support open-standard solutions."

G3-PLC is a power line communication provides robust reliable and high speed data communication method over conventional AC power line has opened a wide range of applications for utilities. Today Sagemcom certified G3-PLC products, Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G) and RF long range (LoRa) offer to the Distribution Service Operators and the Retail Service Operators in their journey to make their networks and operations secure, smarter, reliable, interoperable and to facilitate the integration of new services and equipment bridging from an Smart Grid solution to a Smart City solution with confidence.

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- Sagemcom to integrate Plume with its broadband home gateways; manufacture and supply Pods to service providers -

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - October 18, 2016 - BBWF2016 – Sagemcom Broadband SAS, a leader in broadband and residential terminals and digital set-topboxes, and Plume Design, Inc., the creator of Adaptive Wi-Fi™, today announce that the Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi™ solution, including the Pods, are now available as a fully integrated part of Sagemcom’s Wi-Fi enabled FTTH, DOCSIS, and DSL gateway portfolio.

Pioneered by Plume Design, Inc., Adaptive Wi-Fi™ is a deeply distributed Wi-Fi solution that dynamically responds to varying Wi-Fi conditions throughout the whole home, and across multiple apartments in a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) environment. It includes a set of beautiful Pods designed to plug directly into sockets around the home. Directed by the Plume Cloud, the Pods offer coverage, speed and reliability far beyond any other solution using a Software Defined Networking (SDN) framework and Plume’s novel Auto-Channel-Hop Wi-Fi backhaul technology.

Integrated into various Sagemcom gateway platforms, the Plume gateway agent enables seamless wireless connectivity between the gateway and the Pods. The entire home network and the devices connected to it are actively monitored by the Plume Cloud for the highest performance wireless broadband experience throughout the home.

The joint solution makes both reactive and preemptive decisions which improve signal, speed and resiliency such as allowing mobile devices to seamlessly roam around the home, balancing network loads, and mitigating interference. As a core element of the solution, the comprehensive service provider facing Network Operations Center (NoC) software provides detailed insights and intelligence as to the health, performance and history of the home Wi-Fi network.

“Our customers are continuously looking to raise the bar for residential Wi-Fi”, said Ahmed Selmani, Deputy CEO of Sagemcom Broadband SAS. “Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi solution is fully in line with our strategy to continue improving the wireless home network in real time; it is a scalable and efficient solution, associated with our broadband home gateways. Our partnership with Plume enables us to always support our customers to be proactive in addressing home Wi-Fi experience” Selmani continued. “The cloud intelligence, management and optimisation enabled by our collaboration offers the most advanced home Wi-Fi solution on the market today”.

This strong partnership enables Sagemcom to manufacture and sell the Pods directly to service providers on the same model as its broadband home gateways, while Plume provides the cloud based network management, control, optimisation, analytics and business intelligence services.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with such a world leader in broadband networking solutions and a manufacturing powerhouse as Sagemcom”, said Fahri Diner, CEO of Plume. “Together we intend to push the boundaries with disruptive innovations in hardware, software, and massively scalable control plane for the wireless spectrum. The Pods auto-connect to Sagemcom home gateways with no action required by the user. An integrated part of the solution is the Plume mobile app, which allows Wi-Fi access control for guests or family members, device visibility, and provides detailed insights into network speed and coverage.

Pods supplied by Sagemcom come in three colors: Champagne, Silver or Onyx, and are available in country-specific plug configurations.


Come to meet Sagemcom and Plume teams at Broadband World Forum 2016 and discover this innovative whole-home distributed Wi-Fi solution on the Sagemcom booth #B50.

About Plume
Plume is the creator of Adaptive Wi-Fi™, the world's first self-optimising Wi-Fi delivering the fastest and most reliable Internet experience to every corner of the home. Plume is driven by the Plume Cloud, a powerful cloud-based control plane, and is the most advanced, resilient home Wi-Fi solution due to its ability to dynamically adapt and respond to changing network loads and interference. Plume's hardware comes as beautiful, affordable access points called Pods that are placed in every room to give the broadest coverage possible. Plume was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.
Plume. More Wi-Fi.
For more information go to

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Sagemcom unveils its next generation fiber and wi-fi media gateway, a powerful solution to offer up to end-to-end 10 GBPS speed.

The PON media gateway is delivering symmetrical 10Gbps routed performance demonstrated during the exhibition. For a whole home distribution, it integrates 2.4GHz 4x4 and 11ac 8x8 wireless solutions. It does implement as well a 10Gbps copper LAN interface. Moreover, this new PON Gateway will benefit directly from Sagemcom successful interoperability GPON experience.

Early certified by Cablelabs® in March 2016, the next-gen cable media gateway F@st 3890 integrating DOCSIS 3.1 technology is designed to deliver multi gigabit services reaching speed records on cable up to 5Gbps. This gateway can operate simultaneously DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 3.0 32x8 and it implements a superior Wave 2 Wi-Fi.

Always paving the way in broadband, Sagemcom unveils its new range of DOCSIS3.0 gateways implementing 11ac 4x4 c wireless.

Sagemcom also exhibits the best in-class DSL/FTTH gateways already deployed and integrating auto-sensing multi-WAN access technologies: DSL up to 35B (with RNC*),, GPON and LTE.

SWANTM, Sagemcom Software Solution for Home Gateways, continues to expand with the addition of Docsis 3.1 and 10G Fiber SWAN-powered products. New services launched in 2016 include analytics for Big Data, containerized Application Framework, line rate broadband speed test, Wi-Fi Radio Resource Management with Cloud powered Machine Learning algorithms and other features which makes SWANTM the most versatile and advanced software for broadband CPEs on the market deployed by telcos and MSOs.

*RNC: Reference Noise Cancellation


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3rd October 2016

Paris, France: Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) today announced it has closed the sale of Sagemcom to private equity firm Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP alongside Sagemcom’s management team. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Sagemcom is a French high-tech group with strong positions in high-end digital TV set-top boxes, very high speed broadband residential terminals and advanced smart meters. Under Carlyle’s ownership, Sagemcom has significantly grown its core businesses: the group has increased its international exposure especially in Latin America and North America, and gained a significant share in the roll-out of smart meters in Europe while consistently investing in R&D to maintain Sagemcom’s superior technology edge and innovation expertise.

Patrick Sevian from Sagemcom, said: “I thank Carlyle for its support and understanding of our business since partnering with us five years ago. During these years, we have focused our activities on our main markets, where we have a superior ability to compete and gain new business. Going forward, Sagemcom will engage in a new part of its journey: we want to strengthen our efforts in broadband and energy markets by enabling connected services through the design and supply of customized smart devices for telecom, utilities and other service operators.”

Jonathan Zafrani, Managing Director, Carlyle Europe Partners, said: “Sagemcom has been a great investment for Carlyle. Over the last five years, Sagemcom has been deeply transformed and refocused on its core business: broadband activities and energy solutions, where it has built strong market positions based on innovation, product excellence and operational agility. We deeply thank Patrick Sevian and his team for the dedication and good spirit through these years. We wish them continued success for the future.”

Fabrice Georget, Partner at Charterhouse, commented: “We are excited to back Sagemcom through the next stage of its journey, particularly with the growth in connected devices, the advent of ultra-high definition broadcasts and increased take-up of smart utility meters. We have been following Sagemcom for a number of years and are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Patrick Sevian and his management team.”

Carlyle Europe Partners III, a €5.4 billion buyout fund focused on investment opportunities in Europe purchased a majority stake in Sagemcom in 2011.

About The Carlyle Group

About Carlyle
The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) is a global alternative asset manager with $176 billion of assets under management across 128 funds and 170 fund of funds vehicles as of June 30, 2016. Carlyle’s purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of its investors, many of whom are public pensions. Carlyle invests across four segments – Corporate Private Equity, Real Assets, Global Market Strategies and Investment Solutions – in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America. Carlyle has expertise in various industries, including: aerospace, defense & government services, consumer & retail, energy, financial services, healthcare, industrial, real estate, technology & business services, telecommunications & media and transportation. The Carlyle Group employs more than 1,650 people in 35 offices across six continents.


About Carlyle Europe Partners
Carlyle Europe Partners (CEP) seeks to invest in upper- and mid-size companies in Europe across a wide range of sectors and industries, accelerate their growth and support their efforts to expand internationally. The current fund is now the fourth in the CEP family of funds. The fund is advised by a team of 39 investment professionals across five offices. Capital for this investment came from Carlyle Europe Partners III, which has announced a number of significant exits over the past 12 months, notably including B&B Hotels, Applus, RAC, Telecable, Axalta and MPS.

About Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP

Charterhouse is one of the longest established private equity firms operating in Europe. The firm invests in companies headquartered in Western Europe and works closely with incumbent management teams, backing them and providing active support to drive growth. Charterhouse pursues a highly selective investment approach, partnering with a small number of high-quality companies. Transaction values range from €250mn to €2bn.

Charterhouse is based in London and has a deep bench of experienced investment professionals, with an average partner tenure of 14 years. Since inception Charterhouse has completed over 140 transactions worth an aggregate value of over €50bn.


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These new range of powerful 4K UHD HDR set-top boxes is based on the quad-core 14,000 DMIPS BCM7268 and the BCM7271 SOCS from Broadcom.

These new low power Ultra HD receivers, with an option for embedded 4x4 Wi-Fi ac in the SoC, support Ultra HD HDR for an ultimate viewing experience with impressive contrast (bright whites and deep blacks) and an enriched color palette.

Re-enforcing its leading position in 4K UHD set-top box market, Sagemcom will demonstrate this next-generation range of innovative set-top boxes at IBC.

During the exhibition, Sagemcom will also present the ten already deployed 4K projects it has with Tier 1 operators. These operators entrusted Sagemcom with the launch of their first Ultra HD offers in their respective markets.

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Sagemcom with strong technical background in smart grid infrastructure will be participating to develop and promote this open and patent-free smart metering solution standard for electricity, gas, thermal energy, water and building automation markets.

The OMS is the only system specification across Europe which integrates all applications within a smart metering and multi-energies into one system definition.
Sagemcom is involved in the development of multi-energies meters and its motivation in supporting such a specification is to guarantee a future-proof communication standard which would be interoperable among all meter suppliers. Furthermore, the OMS-Group’s certification programs will also secure interoperability among various meter manufacturers which are belonging to the various applications.

“We are pleased to participate by sharing and offering more high-profile international experts for the OMS-Group”, as stated by Mr. Kaveh Razazian, CTO of Energy Department. “Participation of Sagemcom along with experts from various industries will result in development of more effective and mature specifications in smart metering/grids and smart gateways promoted by OMS-Group. This will lead to new applications in the field of multi-energies meters with greater efficiency."

About OMS-Group
Since 2007, the OMS-Group is a 54 members strong interest group of companies from eleven European countries and China. With the Open Metering System (OMS) specification, the industry group has developed an open, multi- vendor, interoperable communication standard for electricity, gas, thermal energy, and water meters, as well as submetering. OMS is based on the EN 13757-x standard. For more information on the OMS standard and the OMS-Group, refer to