In line with the evolution of broadband services and performances, SWAN TM Sagemcom software solution is implementing smart new services including analytics for Big Data, containerized Application Framework, line rate broadband speed test, Wi-Fi Radio Resource Management with Cloud powered Machine Learning algorithms and other features which makes SWANTM the most versatile and advanced software for broadband gateways on the market deployed by telcos and MSOs.

A rich and agile software suite




SwanTM a full feature software suite matured over more than 16 years’ experience in multiple operators environment for broadband market:

  • available on all platforms, all segments, and all access technologies (DSL, DOCSIS, GPON, LTE) of Sagemcom broadband gateways
  • integrates the most powerfull Wi-Fi features to ensure the best user wireless home experience
  • embeds  exclusive features to turn the gateway  into a smart media center
  • control each device separately of the home network to ensure various priority set.





By nature SwanTM is a never ending extending software suite. Designed with a modular architecture, SwanTM allows easy third parties application integration for operator to easily differentiate: GUI, Web services or even new features developed over SwanTM SDK.

Top class gigabit wireless interface




SwanTM manages superfast dual band Wi-Fi to distribute all flows in the whole home network. To ensure best user experience SwanTM includes Automatic channel selection, Beamforming and MU-MIMO, precise air scheduling, dual band client management and network statistic and troubleshooting. It also features high level security up to WPA2. Wireless QoS WMM, community Wi-Fi through multi-SSID and seamless installation using WPS feature, including latest NFC addition and dynamic 2D bar code.

A full secured solution: from firewall to parental control




SwanTM implements the latest and highest standard in the security domain to ensure all your data are safely used. On top of this SwanTM includes a secure firewall (IPV4/IPV6) fully configurable per device, a packet inspection engine and more.
A dedicated parental control is embedded in SwanTM to ensure a safe browsing experience. It is thus possible to configure for each device a browsing profile and several restrictions to make sure your kids are safe.

Shared media content & cloud synchronisation




In order to access your multimedia files anywhere, anytime, on any device, SwanTM integrates a rich media center. The media center aggregates all contents, including your cloud contents, and presents them to any client in the home or even outside. Real Plug & Play: no specific settings are required to ensure a simple and easy experience with the devices connected to your Sagemcom device. SwanTM supports an unlimited number of set-top-boxes and ensures glitchless TV transport using a full set of features addressing specific IPTV challenge.

Efficient management and selfcare




SwanTM offers a robust TR-069 agent and its associated datamodels, ensuring full remote service provisioning and resilient upgrade. The GUI is externalized*, i.e. independent from the middleware. This facilitates the quick development and customization of an intuitive configuration platform for any operator.
In order to minimize hotline operation SwanTM embeds the selfcare feature: a rich set of automatic test to prevent or easily diagnose any issue that may arise. All those services and more are available on the SwanTM App to fully enjoy your Sagemcom device on your smartphone or tablet.

High quality voice rendering and services





SwanTM offers state-of-art voice services over FXS and a DECT CAT-iq interface* allowing HD voice: a crystal clear conversation as if in face to face. SwanTM includes a rich set of voice centric features, from central phonebook management, click to dial, voicemail and IPPBX to turn into a true enterprise solution.


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