Sagemcom’s solutions are based entirely on standards 

Sagemcom’s solutions are based entirely on standards, in order to offer and guarantee complete and perfect interoperability.

Sagemcom has always understood the benefits of playing an active role in strategic alliances and working groups in order to contribute to the development of the technologies of the future. In addition to its numerous certifications, this is the reason why Sagemcom sits on the board of the main alliances in the smart meters ecosystem, such as:

  • DLMS Association
  • G3-Alliance
  • IDIS Alliance 
  • LoRa Alliance
  • Meters and More
  • OMS Group 
  • Wize Alliance (169 MHz)
  • Etc...

Interoperability is part of Sagemcom’s DNA, thanks to its roots in the telecommunications industry. It is a necessary property of all the solutions that the group designs and markets. Sagemcom was one of the pioneers of the promotion of interoperable solutions. 

The simple goal consists of: allowing for the flexibility and upgradability required to extend the ecosystem, products and solutions.

This goal is achieved by implementing three main principles:

  • Interchangeability: The devices feature a complete range of hardware and software functions that enable the configurations best suited to the markets and customers to be selected. The case of Linky meters. 
  • Interoperability : The capability of devices made by different manufacturers to communicate with one another.
  • Interconnectivity: The devices can communicate with one another using standardised common interfaces.


Adapted connectivity solutions:

Energy utilities are ramping up the modernisation and digitalisation of their grids apace. They are looking for more efficient, more reliable and more secure means of managing the production, transmission and distribution of energy by deploying smart grid management applications, such as Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI), automated distribution, the integration of the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, and many more. Choosing the right telecommunications network is one recurrent precondition of the effective implementation of these applications. 

Sagemcom proposes a broad selection of telecommunications technologies:

  • Cellular: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and NB-IoT NB1, NB2 et CAT-M1 technologies
  • Power Line Communication: CPL-G3, CPL-Prime 
  • Radio Frequency: RF 
  • Hybrids: CPL + RF

This wide choice offers the solution best suited to meeting the conditions on the ground, plus other requirements. Every project is analysed to find the optimal solution, according to parameters such as the data traffic, the future expansion of the network, the prevention of failures and the corresponding responses, the distribution of the energy quality, the automation of power supply systems and the right balance between CAPEX and OPEX.