Siconia™ solution support all utilities smart metering use cases and allows to address all DSOs business challenges.

Main use cases supported by Siconia solutions are:

  • Asset management : Devices lifecycle management from provisioning to scrapping, secure and smooth installation processes.
  • Billing : Support post-payment process, efficient and precise billing by calculating billing determinants.
  • Revenue protection : Detect and calculate non-technical losses, theft, tamper and un-usual consumption patterns.
  • Grid and network monitoring : Manage grid and IoT devices, power quality and network relevant data.
  • Demand response : Support load management use cases and adjusting the production to the consumption demand.
  • Balance settlement : Support balance settlement use case and provide measurement data for balance settlement processing.
  • Prepayment : Integrate with prepayment applications and support end to end prepayment use cases.
  • Customer contract management : Collect only authorized data, manage different customer profiles and ensure GDPR compliancy.