E-world 2019: Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus presents its digital electricity meter Siconia™ "SMARTY BZ-PLUS" for the first time

Hamburg, 23th January 2019

At the E-world 2019 in Essen, Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus introduces the basic meter SiconiaTM ‘SMARTY BZ-PLUS’. The digital three-phase meter is suitable for use in smart metering systems. It offers, in addition to the functionalities of an FNN basic meter, further user-friendly features.

One of the trade fair highlights of the E-world is the premiere of the digital electricity meter SiconiaTM ‘SMARTY BZ-PLUS’. From the 5th to the 7th of February the new product from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus will be shown in hall 3 at booth 3-444.

"The basic meter was very stringently aligned to customer requirements. A large number of user-centered features can be used to considerably optimize various processes related to the installation and operation of the SiconiaTM ‘SMARTY BZ-PLUS’," explains Jan-Marvin Keilig, product manager for ‘Basic Meters’ at Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH.

The SiconiaTM ‘SMARTY BZ-PLUS’ is compliant with the current FNN specifications for digital electricity meters in Germany and will be available in the following versions: one-directional meter (+ A) with backstop and bidirectional meter (+ A and -A). One special feature of the SiconiaTM ‘SMARTY BZ-PLUS’ compared to a FNN basic meter is, among other things, its 2-button operation. The additional buttons increase the usability of the display in addition to the common “optical button” (light impulse via torch). Moreover, theSiconiaTM ‘SMARTY BZ-PLUS’ can also be read out in the de-energized state with the help of an integrated power supply (battery). This simplifies the warehousing process and increases the employee safety. Another user-friendly feature is the integrated D0 interface, which not only allows meter data to be read out permanently, but also to be parameterized via an additional software provided. The integrated real-time clock and calendar make it possible to use tariff tables without a connection to an external switching device.

If required, the SiconiaTM ‘SMARTY BZ-PLUS’ can also be supplied with non-billing-relevant load profile functions (RLM) and network-relevant GRID functions, such as frequency or voltage. This makes it a much cheaper alternative to a real load profile meter (RLM).

In Germany, a digital meter, a so-called modern metering device (mMe), together with a smart meter gateway (SMGw) forms the smart metering system (German: iMSys). While the mME electronically determines the power consumption, the SMGw serves as a communication unit by transmitting meter data safely from the connected meter to authorized market participants, such as the metering point operator. End users can also access their own power consumption through an iMSys. The aim of an iMSys is to promote the digitization of the energy transition by intelligently linking energy generation and consumption in the distribution network.