Hamburg, 16th June 2022

Despite the withdrawal of the general order by the bsi, sagemcom dr. neuhaus and meterpan see themselves on a good and solid path in the installation of smart metering solutions. together, the smart metering experts have already accompanied a large number of customers on their way towards a full rollout.

Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH as hardware supplier and Metering-as-a-Service service provider MeterPan see themselves as a well-coordinated team for metering point operators. Together, the two companies have built up and established a very good concept with which they have already been able to serve a large number of customers. Smaller municipal utilities in particular benefit from the comprehensive solution expertise of both companies.

Our view towards the future continues to be extremely optimistic," says Dr. Holger Graetz, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH. "Many metering point operators we work with continue to work at full speed towards the 10% roll-out rate, and several more companies have already exceeded this roll-out rate today. There is also positive news with regard to our Siconia® SMARTY IQ-LTE smart meter gateway, as the pending recertification is within our grasp. Consequently, the devices installed in the field can continue to be used as well as new ones can be installed, which gives planning security to metering point operators, but also to partner companies like MeterPan."

"Over the past few years, we have not only been able to map the processes for more than 60 basic metering point operators with all commercially available billing systems, but also to automate them directly with our GWA platform by means of deep integration via the web services. And with every challenge as well as special feature of individual clients, we could always rely on the flexible and professional cooperation with Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus" summarizes Steffen Heudtlaß, Managing Director of MeterPan GmbH. "And this allows us to look to the future with serenity and optimism, even in the face of current developments. Together with us, our current customers will also meet the new requirements, and we still have resources up our sleeve for one or two late deciders or even switchers from other MSB service providers."

With more than 150,000 directly and indirectly served electricity metering points, Lippe-Weser-Service GmbH is one of MeterPan's larger basic metering point operators. Managing director Uwe Franzmeyer made the mandatory roll-out a "matter for the boss" at an early stage and is accordingly well advanced: "We are fulfilling our duties and tasks very conscientiously now and in the future and are therefore very satisfied to have strong and reliable partners like Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus and MeterPan at our side. The course we have set today has proved to be the right one, because we are now at the stage where we can also install larger numbers of gateways. The process chain from workforce management to the gateway administrator had to be established at an early stage," says Uwe Franzmeyer, summing up after 2.5 years of roll-out experience.  

Now both companies are looking forward with anticipation to the first E-world summer event and the on-site exchange in Essen:

Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus: Hall 3 Booth 444
MeterPan: Hall 5 Booth 102