Siconia™ solution allows to build and contribute to the overall business intelligence strategy of the utilities.

By providing advanced dashboards and analytics features, as well as providing meter and network information to external systems, Siconia solutions supports large set of business intelligence use cases such as:

  • SLA monitoring : Siconia™ provides a large set of standard reports to monitor all business services (data collection, remote operations, event and alarms delivery …) as well as all the needed flexibility to build custom SLA dashboards to allow more efficient system monitoring.
  • Predictive maintenance: Thanks to the data available in the system and to the analytics features provided by the solution, Siconia™ allows utilities to change their maintenance paradigm from classic maintenance to predictive and preventive maintenance of the assets.
  • Communication network monitoring : Thanks to Sagemcom’s expertise in the telecommunication area and to several smart metering rollouts all around the worlds, Siconia™ provides all needed tools and dashboards to monitor the communication network, which is applicable to all communication technologies and protocols (Cellular, PLC, RF…)
  • Customized dashboards : On top of that, Siconia™ allows the utilities to build custom dashboards and reports using strong data visualization tool to support all business intelligence use cases.